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2007 Harvest Supper

by michael - 16:45 on 07 October 2007

You won't find a more worthwhile cause than the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  I recall not too long ago a very nasty accident at the junction of the Carbrook Road with the Watton/Hingham Road and in very quick time the Air Ambulance was there.

So, the proceeds of the Harvest Supper this year went to this most worthy cause.

A number of people put in a lot of effort to make this work but it still wouldn't have been a success without the generosity of the patrons paying for their tickets.

All in all it was a good evening's entertainment - have a look........

Comment from Rob Summers at 19:43 on 07 October 2007.
Congratulations, it looked like a good night. Unfortunately I did not see one person who lives on Coronation Terrace there. Is that because they did not want to go or was it because they were not invited? (I know I was not told about it.) I saw a lot of pictures of people who I have not seen in the village before, just a pity they weren't there to support the LOCAL PUB before it shut down!
Comment from David Blincow at 10:51 on 09 October 2007.
With some sadness I read Rob’s comment regarding the Harvest Supper and was disappointed at the inference of his point. Whilst I am not involved with the organisation of the event, I am aware that it is heavily oversubscribed and that the organisers have a waiting list of people wanting to attend.

For his information, I used to visit the pub for meals and the very occasional drink but only visited the Red Lion on two occasions since the last tenants took over. We found the standard of food to be poor and we were not prepared to spend our hard earned cash on second rate food. We are not regular pub drinking folk either and I suspect that many of the people at the Harvest event are also not with the exception of maybe one or two. I would be very sorry to see the Red Lion close but if an efficiently run and smart operation were in place it would probably be supported better.

As a small footnote, I wonder how often he supports the well advertised events in the village and at the Village Hall such as the inter-village quizzes, etc. I can appreciate and respect that they may not be “his scene” but maybe drinking down the pub is not “their scene” for many of the people you saw in the excellent video on the web site. We all have different priorities I guess.

Comment from rob summers at 21:41 on 09 October 2007.
Just a quick reply to David because I am not going to get involved in a whinging match. There is no need to wonder how often I support events in the village (Caston Fete 2007) if I see the event advertised my wife and I try our best to support it. If we can be there we shall. see you at the art exibition
Comment from LUDEMAN - Texas at 16:14 on 29 October 2007.
Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Sent to us by our very dear, long-time friends Henry & Ronalee MacQueen. My wife & I visited the MacQueens, LUPIN COTTAGE, CASTON in March'04. Lovely town and wonderful people.

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