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The Mystery of Stockwell Villa

by michael - 09:50 on 11 October 2007
This is a postcard, found by Patrick Currie, among a collection of around 80 cards owned by Eliza Maggie Ingram. Maggie, as she was known, became Mrs Fuller in 1914 and was for some years a travelling companion to a ‘wealthy’ American, Mrs Emily Chadbourne. The connection here is that she was also the mother in law of Patrick’s aunt who has recently died.
Although Maggie, who was born in Berkshire in 1882, lived in London, there is intrigue as to why she would in particular have an interest in the property seen here. Patrick feels if some light could be shed upon who lived in this property in the years from 1900 to 1920, he might be some way to resolving the mystery.
John Barnes ‘History of Caston’ tells us that the property was actually built in 1911 by Amos Davey, a builder from south London who came to live in Caston in 1905. The house, originally called Stockwell Villa, was later known as The Villa and was bought by Norfolk Constabulary in the 1920’s as a home for the village constable. This lasted until 1936 when a police house was built at Stow Bedon. The property is now known as Wardles.
So, the question is, if you have any information regarding the occupancy of this property from 1911 to the 1920’s, do please let me know. You can post your entry below.
Comment from Webmaster at 16:30 on 11 October 2007.
I've just spoken to a long time resident of Caston (Jane Horner) who is also a church warden here. She knows the name Fuller and tells me that Ellen Elizabeth Fuller along with her son Ralph Charles Fuller is buried in Caston's churchyard.

It may be that Ellen was a sister in law of Eliza and may indeed have lived at Stockwell Villa but at the moment that is conjecture. Ralph was a war hero and is pictured in John Barnes book alongside King George VI unveiling a memorial to King George V at Westminster.

If you believe these are relatives of yours you may want to contact John Barnes in order to purchase copies of his books. His contact details are on the web site. The books are fascinating and from memory he charges very little for them.

Jane, who I mention above, knows personally an older resident in the village and is going to have words with him over the next week or so to see if any additional information can be gleaned. She will also check church records to obtain Ellen's date of death.

In return she is very interested in anyone within the village who served in the armed forces at any time and wonders if there are any armed forces personnel within your postcard collection that might have a connection here.

Comment from Pauline & Patrick Currie at 16:32 on 11 October 2007.
Brian, you are a genius!

I had become so intrigued with Maggie Ingram and her family, I hadn't started on the Fullers!

(Eliza) Maggie Ingram married Alfred George Fuller in London, in 1914. I've discovered (via that Alfred was born in 1884 in Wayland district, Norfolk!

I recently obtained Maggie & Alf's marriage certificate, and it stated that Alfred's father was Charles John Fuller (dec) profession: Brewer. The 1881 census shows Charles, with a very large family, living in High St., Watton, Norfolk. Profession: Brewers Man.

Charles John Fuller was born in 1831 in Carbrooke, Norfolk, and Married Eliza Edwards in Thetford in 1868. Their children and ages at the time of the 1881 census were as follows:-

Ada L. Fuller (11)
Arthur G. Fuller (8)
Charles W. Fuller (17)
Charlotte M. Fuller (1)
Earnest F. Fuller (10)
Florance Fuller (6)
Minnie E. & Thomas C. Fuller (Twins, newborn)
Walter Fuller (4)

Charles John was 50 in 1881, Eliza was 38. Alfred George Fuller was born three years later.

Most of them were still there in 1891. Charles John Fuller died in Wayland in 1892.

Eliza was still in the district as "Head" in 1901, whilst Alfred was living in Berkshire in 1901, possibly where he met Maggie Ingram.

I don't know when Alfred died, but Maggie lived until about 90, around 1972.

I hope the above is of some interest to you, and your contacts in the village. Their help is very much appreciated, and I would be interested to know where Ellen Elizabeth Fuller and her son, Ralph, fit in to the picture? Perhaps she married one of Alfred's brothers, above? I will contact John barnes in due course, as the story of Ralph is also very fascinating!

Maggie and Alfred Fuller had a son, Frank, in 1915, but sadly he died in 1921. Then John Peter Fuller was born in 1922. John married my husband's aunt, Esther Rosina Currie, (known as "Rose") when they met as civil servants. They had no children, and John worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum as an Art Librarian for 42 years. He died in 1991, aged 69. Rose worked for the Medical Research Council in London, in Personnel, and died in February 2007, aged 86.

I so wish that all this fascinating story had come to light whilst Patrick's aunt was still alive. We could have chatted for hours. She was a lovely lady, and was 200% there mentally, but sadly her body gave up.

So, the box of postcards is potentially the tip of the iceberg! We haven't ventured into the loft yet in the house (in Hammersmith) so who knows what we'll find! We'll keep you and your contacts posted!

In the meantime, I'm attaching an intriguing picture. On the back is written:-

"Oct 8, 1903. Richard Farrow property of Alfred G. Fuller given to him by his Mother"

Any ideas?

Kindest regards,

Pauline & Patrick Currie
Comment from Jane Horner at 14:17 on 16 October 2007.
From the church records:
Ellen Eliza Fuller was buried 23/4/62 aged 87 with her mother Ellen Disney who was buried 30/10/16 age 71

Ralph Charles Fuller buried 13/9/64 age 57
Comment from William G Caston at 15:35 on 29 January 2009.
Who was the Caston village named after? Are any Castons living there now? Thank you, Bill Caston, Picayune, Mississippi, USA
(Have a look at the Churches of Caston page where you'll find more information. I don't know of anyone by the name of Caston who is currently in the village. Ed.)
Comment from Helen Rzeskiewicz at 22:37 on 16 September 2012.
Ralph Fuller was my great uncle. I am the granddaughter of Harry Andrews of Stow Bedon and Violet Ida Disney Andrews. Violet's mother was Ellen Elizabeth mentioned above nee Disney. I would love to buy a copy of the book with the photo of Ralph with King George VI.
Hope to hear from you.

Helen Rzeskiewicz

(Suggest you write to the author Ed.).

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