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Speeding in our Village: how much do you care?

by Sue Michelmore - 19:49 on 09 December 2007
At the meeting of the Parish Council on 3rd December the topic of traffic speeding through the Village and along Northacre was discussed in some detail, looking at ways in which this ever growing danger could be reduced.  Much had been done already by Alison, the Clerk to the Council, in researching possible initiatives.   One of the suggestions raised was to explore whether we could form a Community Speedwatch Scheme staffed by volunteers from the Parish.   Briefly, this involves training by the police for members of the public in operating a handheld radar gun to be used in selected locations which are subject to a 30mph limit;  motorists who exceed the limit receive a warning note from the police.   Currently there are six of these schemes operating in Norfolk in addition to many more nationwide and in every case, according to reviews, there has been a dramatic reduction in recorded speeds.
In this year’s Village Appraisal, speeding was highlighted as a significant concern for many of the residents and with increasing numbers of vehicles on our roads, it is a problem which can only become a greater menace. If those of us who share this concern could get together to form a Community Speedwatch Scheme there is a very real chance that a substantial improvement could be achieved.
Would you like to become part of this initiative?    You could be helping to save a child, perhaps a neighbour from serious injury or worse. Please get in touch with Alison Skipper, Clerk to Caston Parish Council,  tel 483466 to sign up as a volunteer.

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Comment from Steve Maxwell at 20:27 on 09 December 2007.
Please sign me up as a volunteer.

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Please note that whenever you submit something which may be publicly shown on a website you should take care not to make any statements which could be considered defamatory to any person or organisation.
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