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Dog Fouling

by Brian Brooker - 16:09 on 09 November 2016

Dog Fouling is an anti-social problem.  It is happening here in Caston and there is no need for it.   Responsible dog owners carry bags, pick up the mess and either deposit it in a dog bin or take it home.

Below is a letter from the head teacher at Caston Primary along with a response from the Chairman of the Parish Council.

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From the Head Teacher to the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Dear Mr Blincow,

There have been a number of incidents recently where our children have, unfortunately stepped in dog mess when walking to school.  This has sometimes resulted in the children unwillingly bringing this into school, which is a concern from a health and safety point of view, but also causes unnecessary mess and extra work for staff and an unpleasant environment.

A couple of the parents have suggested that a dog waste bin could be installed somewhere along the main road, which the school would fully support.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,


Laura Sproston

From the Chairman of the Parish Council to the Head Teacher.

Dear Mrs Sproston

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of today to Caston Parish Council regarding dog fouling adjacent to the school.

As you can see from the minutes of Caston Parish Council October item 9F and September item 10F the council share your concerns regarding the dog fouling near the school and have sought to get additional bins installed.

Whilst it seems a straight forward matter to mount a dog bin this is not the case.  Arrangements have to be made for the bins to be emptied under contract which is administered by Norfolk CC Highways and as you will see Caston PC has already made that request but without meaningful response to date.

We will place your letter on the Caston website and will continue to urge Norfolk Highways to press this matter.

I have sent a copy of your letter together with this reply to our Parish Clerk, Joanne Blackman, who will undoubtedly advise you of any progress.

Clearly the best resolution is the continued education of dog owners particularly to the possible consequences and health effects on our children.  Possibly a subject for a poster project.

Should you seek further information please email Joanne at: 

Yours sincerely,

for Caston Parish Council
David Blincow,  Chairman

Comment from Steve Gill at 17:11 on 09 November 2016.
On behalf of all the responsible dog walkers in Caston can I add my support to the suggestion that an additional dog waste bin be located somewhere near the school. This would help the majority but I fear we still have at least one selfish owner who refuses to pick up. Lois and I frequently pick up waste left behind by someone else. It takes just a few seconds and is hardly an onerous task. Don't have a pet if you are not prepared to look after it properly and responsibly.
Comment from rob summers at 17:37 on 09 November 2016.
it's not just by the school, some people think it is ok to leave it down church lane aswell.
Comment from Sam Lond-Caulk at 10:38 on 10 November 2016.
I've been walking my children to school since Sept 2010 and this problem started/became a particular problem approx. 18-24 months ago which suggest it’s someone who has either moved into the village or has got a new dog.
As I regularly have to point the poo out to my children so they don't step in it, my opinion is that it’s a small to medium size dog that is walked early in the morning or late at night.
Any dog fouling in a public place is not acceptable. Neither is picking it up and leaving the bag on the side of the verge. No one would be happy if a soiled nappy was left on their front garden with the contents scattered all over it. There would be absolute uproar.
I agree with Rob Summers - Church Lane is now also becoming the dog toilet of the village. Many people use this as a safe place to exercise - running, cycling, walking. It is just not nice and against the law! Yet we all see ourselves in Caston as pillars of the community.
We should see these places as an extension of our own gardens. We are really lucky to live in a pretty village.
Dogs mess is also a hazard to the pupils at Caston who have to sit on the floors at school. Dog mess can lead to toxocariasis in humans. ... Toxocariasis causes serious illness and even blindness!
I think we should take a hard stance on this, it's not fair on the responsible dog owners. Name and shame to the parish council so they can send a letter to the household.

Phew! I'm glad I've got that off my chest....
Comment from Alistair Skipper at 15:15 on 11 November 2016.
Whilst I agree that there is a potential problem with dogs, at least there are many responsible dog walkers who do clear up the mess made by their dogs. There are also strategically placed dog bins for people to use.

A bigger problem is caused by the cat population of Caston. These animals are seldomly controlled by their owners who just let them roam thereby allowing them to defficate wherever they please i.e. in somebody else's garden.

There is also an additional problem in that cats are mainly responsible for the death of all types of small wildlife and birds especially sparrows, skylarks and starlings. It is a great shame that there is no legislation to control these animals!

(Editor's Note - We have two cats that we adore. Yes they do kill an occasional bird but they are mostly those that are unwell and unable to get away. More importantly, they catch many mice and since having them we no longer see any rats and there were quite a number before we had the cats. Our cats are well looked after and well fed and give us a great deal of pleasure.

Finally, let's keep to the point here which is fouling on the pavement that children are taking into school on their shoes.)
Comment from Ian Juniper at 22:51 on 13 November 2016.
Agree that it is becoming a problem. I'm not sure an additional bin will solve the problem as it's not the longest walk from the school to the village hall.

I'm happy to help pick up others if I see any as part of the dog owning community, and will be on the lookout for those spoiling it for the rest of us.

Not sure I can do much about my cats though. But pretty sure they leave their 'gifts' for me exclusively.
Comment from Tony Ash at 09:50 on 10 May 2017.
Having just taken the dog for a short walk down Church Lane I counted 11 dog Deposits that had not been pooped and scooped !!
Please folks let's clear up if our pets perform on the public highway. It will make others enjoying exercising their dogs much more pleasant

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