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Development of White House Caston

by Gerry Haggett - 12:33 on 05 February 2008

An entrepreneur/developer plans to build 16 housing units on the site of White House opposite the school.  The proposal is to demolish White House and crowd the units not only on the House site but also on adjoining land that lies outside the Caston Village Development Boundary.

A Planning Application has been made in the name of the purchaser of White House who told the previous owner that she expected to live in White House and graze horses in the meadows that adjoin.

At a meeting of Caston Parish Council on 5 February parishioners joined with the Council members in expressing firm opposition to this application.  One most serious objection is that if Planning Permission were granted for such high density housing then it would open the flood gates for developers to seek to destroy similar sites in and around Caston.

I urge you as villagers to protect the character of Caston.

Do your bit and write to the District Council address below and register your objection.


P N Daines
Development Services Manager
Breckland District Council
Elizabeth House
Walpole Loke
Norfolk NR19 1EE

Planning ref No. 3PL/2008/0049/O

Comment from Webmaster at 13:06 on 05 February 2008.
There were once again fierce objections at last night's parish council meeting when the application to develop White House was discussed. The application had been delivered late to the council who received it only last Thursday thereby giving little time for consideration prior to the meeting.

Despite being discussed and objected to at a recent Parish Council Meeting, when the developer then proposed 14 units with a very small play area, this has now been discarded with a proposal for even more units, up to 16, and no play area. It appears there will be also be some maisonettes included.

Some parishioners have serious concerns regarding flooding in the area particularly as it is known that the basement of White House has flooded previously and the road immediately outside White House has flooded twice in the past year. The council have agreed they will ask home owners to complete a short questionnaire to determine exactly who in the village has been flooded recently.

Conservationists are concerned for the well being of voles which are known to inhabit the stream that runs along the boundary and further concerns were raised for the safety of school children with the entry to the land immediately opposite the school gates. With 16 units squeezed onto what is only half of the available land it was felt by those at the meeting that another 16 could then be erected on the other half. This would increase the village housing stock by nearly 20% thereby turning a quiet rural village into a suburban estate. "And that's not the reason we came to live here" commented one villager.
Comment from (No Name Given) at 10:03 on 15 February 2008.
Please note - the Breckland website now says comments by 3rd March 2008.
Comment from leon scott at 13:04 on 20 May 2009.
The woman has no right to sell it because she is in no frame of mind to make it look more presentable and Eric(Reggie Pye)used to live in there and he is up in arms with the nurses at the Sandford House nursing home about all of this.
Comment from Water Damage at 14:29 on 29 September 2011.
Simply awesome article, I would like to add further that research shows almost 100% of all basements will suffer some form of basement flooding at some point in their existence. “Almost 100%” translates into “it’s certain”. It makes sense, too, because basements are the single lowest location in any structure, and excess water is always going to flow downhill. Put the two together and you have an unwelcome basement flooding.

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