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Black Cat

by Graham Edwards - 09:57 on 01 July 2017

We have had a lot a problems with a black cat that I don't think is a stray cat. It has been attacking one of our cats and has cost us a considerable amount of money at the vet.  He even enters our house through the flap to attack our cat, breaking the flap on one occasion to get out.

He is only doing what is natural but I wonder if it's possible for the owner to fit a Colorado and bell on him to give our now frightened cat a chance to get away. The black cat is no trouble to our other cat, Felix's sister and never attacks her.

He also eats any cat food and sprays before leaving. A bell is the only thing I can think of that might help. His territory seems to be at the Caston end of Northacre. My neighbour saw the latest attack that required an operation and stitches at the vet.

Comment from Brian Brooker at 10:06 on 01 July 2017.
Graham, you're right in that cats will do what they will do and everyone is aware that training them otherwise is a virtual impossibility. We have two lap cats and are very fond of them.

While you can only hope the "black cat" owner reads this and responds you could fit a wireless controlled cat flap which only allows your cats entry by way of a collar that they need to wear. That would at least protect your house from unwanted entry and spraying.
Comment from Graham at 14:55 on 01 July 2017.
The flap he destroyed getting out was an electronic one he must have come in directly behind Felix and smashed his way through it to get out when I turned up
Comment from Graham at 21:06 on 05 July 2017.
More trouble from the black cat does anyone know of anybody in the street Northacre. It might be a stray of feral cat and does not belong to anybody

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