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A New Camera Club?

by Brian - 15:41 on 10 September 2006
I've just been asked by a fellow villager if I would be interested in being part of a village photographic society or club. Well, as it happens, yes I would, very much so!

The only problem is it won't be a very active society (we'll settle for the word society for the moment) with just the two of us. So this is an appeal to see how many other people would be interested.  It would be open to anyone to join.  In other words, whether you're in Caston or elsewhere, as long as you can get to our local village hall then we would like to hear from you.

Right now there are no fixed aims as far as the society is concerned but initial ideas are that it would be for anyone regardless of expertise.  Beginners who want to learn more and experts who are willing to share their expertise.  All will be very welcome. Members will hopefully be female as well as male of any age but with a main objective of wanting to learn more about how to take good photos.  We would be able to set up our own web site where the best of our photos could be displayed for all to see and comment on if that was thought to be a good idea.  We would welcome those interested in all forms of photography including digital or 35mm or medium format and video.

The society would hold regular meetings but that could be once a month or once every two months depending on society activity.  In the winter we could have experts come along to help us improve our photographic abilities and in the summer months we could arrange outings (perhaps family outings) to well known attractive photographic venues where there might be a photographic theme suggested.  Photos taken could then be competitively judged at a later date.  We could liaise with other clubs that are not too distant from us for competitions etc.

So, if you're interested or think you might be interested or have other ideas that we could incorporate then do please get in touch.  Either fill out the form below with a few words or complete the feedback form. I'll presume you are happy for me to publish your words unless you say otherwise.  Either way let me have your email address (not for publication) but in order for me to get back to you.
Comment from David Blincow at 13:49 on 12 September 2006.
My wife and I would be interested in supporting such a society. As many local residents may know we undertake the taking of videos and still photography occasionally for various events including weddings.
We are both very interested in all types of photography and whilst nowadays, like most photographers, we are heavily committed to digital imaging and manipulation, we do have and use medium format as well as 35mm occasionally.
Comment from Vanessa at 11:56 on 14 September 2006.
I was very interested to hear that a camera club is trying to get started in Caston. I love taking photos and never go anywhere without one of my cameras, now all digital . I also like using photoshop to enhance or repair photos, so I hope more people will join and we can swop ideas.
Comment from Brian at 20:56 on 05 October 2006.
We now have a total of eight interested people but for this to work we will need a few more so if you have any interest at all do please get in touch. You can fill in the form on this page or feel free to call me on 01953 488 477 if you would like to talk about it.
Comment from Brian at 22:42 on 02 November 2006.
We're now up to 10 people and I'll be in touch very shortly to set up our first meeting.
Comment from Brian at 16:19 on 09 December 2006.
I'm pleased to report that the camera club is now underway and we have some 17 members with a 50/50 split of men/women. There is even a menu item in the left hand menu column of this site for you to click if you would like to have a look at the club site. Full detail of all upcoming meetings is listed on there as well as how to obtain further information.
Comment from Brian at 23:33 on 31 August 2007.
Well, the camera club has been running just nine months now and we're up to 38 fully paid up members. At the beginning of next month we're staging a demonstration of Photoshop Magic and people are coming from as far afield as Stowmarket.

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