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Appealing Electric's

by Jane Horner - 20:38 on 15 June 2006

The five year periodical electrical report in June 2005 declared that the electrical installation at the Church of the Holy Cross was "unsatisfactory".  An extract from the report reads "The installation is showing many signs of deterioration now....."  It is recommended that some rewiring is carried out and that some new light fittings are installed."  Indeed, some of the wiring was considered to be so brittle that it was considered unwise to remove any light fittings or switches for fear of causing undue damage at this stage.

The work necessary to bring the wiring and lighting to a satisfactory standard was just short of £5,000.  Sadly inflation has now taken this up to £5,121 and it will be more still if we fail to get the work completed this year.

And so the fundraising began in September 2005, when as part of the Village Festival Weekend, Holy Cross had a flower festival in the church and massive bric-a-brac and cake stalls at Church Farm opposite.  That weekend raised almost £1,400 for the fund.  Since then fund raising events have been a winter walk, a pates & pastries evening, a safari supper and a coffee morning.  These events along with donations and a grant from All Churches Trust have raised the total to £4,000.  In the pipeline there is to be afternoon tea at Sengana, Griston Road 2 - 4pm Sunday 25th June (do come) and a Royal Celebration musical evening in September.

Also, we are running (no pun intended) a 'Sponsor a Yard' campaign at only £5.59 per yard of wiring.  At the time of writing, we only now need another 130 yards.  Do please help.  Cheques please payable to Caston P.C.C. Please send to Mrs Jane Horner, Greenwich Villa, Griston Rd, Caston NR17 1DF.

Finally, this is our church and it's part of our heritage having been here for over 600 years.  Countless people have given their time and effort over centuries into maintaining it for us to enjoy today.  By giving just a little right now, future generations will also be able to enjoy this fine building with its long history.


Afternoon Tea with cake and cream scones will be served in the garden at Sengana, Griston Road, Caston on Sunday 25th June between 2pm and 4pm.  Do come along and enjoy the taste of summer with Babs & Mike.

Proceeds to the Church Electrics Fund.


A musical evening will be held on Saturday, 9th September 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Church of the Holy Cross, Caston.  The evening will be "A ROYAL CELEBRATION" - Songs from the Reigns of the three Queens - Victoria and the two Elizabeth's.  The occasion will mark the 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II this year.  The evening will be arranged by two professional musicians.  Wine and a buffet will be served during the evening.

More details will follow - tickets cost £7.50 and will be available from Mrs Bridget Hall 483751 or Mrs Jane Horner 483627

Proceeds to the Church Electrics Fund.


 In the Village Hall 18th November 2006 starting at 2pm. Funds raised here will go to the upkeep and maintenance of the churchyard.

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