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Come on England!

by Bembee - 09:03 on 24 June 2006

I just want to say how good it is to see all the England flags flying across the village.  It's good to see people can be passionate about something and even people whom you would least expect it from, are flying a flag - good for them!

Sad though that I heard just this morning that the First Minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell, has openly said that he will be supporting Ecuador against England, when I'm sure that if Scotland were through to the last 16, English fans would be supporting them all the way.

Comment from Garve at 10:32 on 24 June 2006.
C'mon Bembee, this is football we're talking about. It doesn't follow normal logic. I would be much simpler if we lived in a world where all Spurs fans supported Arsenal when they played teams outside London, or where all England fans supported Germany against Brazil because the Germans are in the European Union with us, but they don't, and many Scottish fans don't feel any empathy with England.

I have lots of English mates up here in Scotland who'd be devastated if I started supporting England - half the enjoyment they get when watching a game in a pub is rubbing in the fact that Scotland aren't even there, and if England get through another round they'll rub it in even more. That's football, and one day, maybe, I'll get the chance to laugh at them when Scotland win something and England don't.

It's also important that you understand a little more about football in Scotland. Jack Mcconnell is a Celtic fan, and they lean towards an allegiance to Ireland. However, most Rangers fans have a strong allegiance to England, and will be in pubs across the country, waving Union Jacks and cheering Sven's boys on. In fact, you'll probably find around a 50/50 or perhaps a 60/40 split against England up here, but it's far from true that we all want you to lose. I'm not a great supporter of Jack Mcconnell, but it's refreshing to hear a politician come out and say something which isn't entirely politically correct - I mean can you think of another politician who would admit which club he supports at all? Not if it might lose them votes they won't.

Finally, although you're sure that if Scotland were through to the last 16 then English fans would support them, firstly, sadly, you've never had the chance to test out this hypothesis, and secondly, if we'd won the World Cup in 1966 instead of you, and had then spent the last 40 years playing highlights of it on the telly and rubbing your noses in it, you might not then be so happy to support Scotland in winning another one.

It's an interesting topic, and I'm glad the flags are out in Caston and hope you all enjoy the game, but it's only football - don't take it too seriously!
Comment from Bembee at 22:03 on 25 June 2006.
Garve, you're right, it's only football but which one of us is taking it seriously? Me with my four lines or you with your 400 words! Anyway, I guess poor old Jack will have to change his allegiance now to Portugal - let's hope he has better luck this time eh?

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