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Speeding Motorists

by Sally Cunliffe - 15:55 on 29 July 2012

I have had three cats killed on Caston Road, and a neighbour's cat was killed, totalling four here in recent weeks. Three of the cats were killed between 7.30 and 8.00 am by  speeding motorists presumably rushing to get to work. It has been devastating and very upsetting for the children here too. None of the drivers that killed these cats let us know nor moved them to the side. There are a number of very young children who live on the terrace - something has to be done to slow these motorists down before it is too late.

Comment from Helen Maxwell at 12:14 on 30 July 2012.
I’m very sorry to read that there have been four cats killed recently (three of which were yours) on the Attleborough Road coming into Caston. Vehicles traveling at excessive speeds (Caston Speed Watch reports evidence this) is a regular occurrence throughout the day, although early morning and late afternoon (people commuting to work etc) are busier.......

I would like to suggest that it would be worth your while to attend the next parish council meeting (held on the first Monday of each month) and request the Parish Council attends the next Police Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting to request that speeding vehicles on the Attleborough Road leading into Caston is put forward as a policing priority.

You could also ask the Parish Council to make contact with the Norfolk County Council Highways Department and request the village is put on the waiting list for temporary Vehicle Activation Signs (VAS - signs which show speed of vehicles, encouraging drivers to slow down). Although these are only a temporary measure they also assist in bringing the problem to people’s attention.

Secondly, Caston village has a small dedicated number of Speed Watch volunteers who can be seen carrying out speed checks which can lead to a greater awareness of drivers to their speed through the village. Unfortunately since the start of Speed Watch the numbers of volunteers have gradually dropped, meaning that it isn’t possible for speed checks to be carried out more regularly. Community Speed Watch is a very positive way to make a big difference in one’s own village and as it relies on people being proactive, I would urge more people to volunteer their time to be part of this team.

Hope this is of some assistance.
Comment from Steve Farmbrough at 20:05 on 01 August 2012.
I will add my little bit but some of the worst offenders are local or work local. I have just spent the whole day working in my front garden, top of my list are the prison officers, obvious by their white shirt black epaulettes who are a little late for work, second today would be the blue articulated lorry who has been backwards and forwards through Caston all day with no regard for the 30mph limit, I will name this firm if they persist in ignoring the limit to such an extent and have emailed them to say as much. I have given the slow down sign to lots of motorists today and have had some very interesting signs back, they don't seem to care.
Comment from Sue Kelly at 21:27 on 16 August 2012.
I would like to add my concerns regarding the speed of motorists through our village. On the 18TH May 2012 we also lost our cat who was killed just outside our house. It was very upsetting as I had just let her out at 0730. Our cat lived on this road all her life of 12 years. Whoever killed her did not stop nor did they move her. She was just mowed down near the edge of our path. They left her laying there not knowing if she was dead or not. I cannot understand why anyone would do this. A very kind lady from the village whom I think has just lost one of their cats to this road stopped and knocked on my door to inform me that there was a cat on the road dead. She went out with me and kindly picked her up in a towel trying to disguise her from my young children who were wanting to know what was going on. I am very grateful to her for her kindness and help so thank you. My cat was still warm and the time 0745. I can only reinforce the fact that prison staff are at fault as I have stood at the top of the drive and signed to try and slow them down noticing the white shirts and black epaulettes,however all blame cannot lay at their door as I have seen many other motorists too. I live inside of the 30mph zone however on the fringe of the village. Motorists do not slow down past our house in the village. I have spoken to the police regarding the speed of vehicles but due to traffic police patrolling major trunk roads Caston is not really a priority until we have a serious injury or death regarding speeding motorists. I have young children and live on the road without a pavement so straight out onto the road itself. Something has to be done before we have a statistical reason for police,Parish and Highways to take notice.
Comment from georgierose at 13:57 on 20 September 2012.
I live opposite the Red Lion. As villagers know, there is a bend in the road where I think drivers imagine they are at Silverstone. The speed in which some drive round that bend is unbelevable. To try and cross the road just there, is taking your life in your hands. All day long, lorries, cars and bikes race by our houses. SOMETHING needs to be DONE in our village of CASTON, before someone is INJURED OR KILLED.

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