12 October 2008
The Big Tidy Up

On Saturday October 11th, Caston WI went litter picking in the village as part of the the National Big Tidy Up campaign.

This is a re-creation of the 1964 National Anti Litter Campaign which was originally launched by Lady Elizabeth Brunner, chairman of the National Federation of Womens Institutes.

WI’s throughout the country were encouraged to celebrate the first anti litter act which was passed 50 years ago by organising their own local litter collection.

Thankfully Caston has very little litter due to the vigilance of residents and the patrol of Jane Horner on a regular basis so the job was not at all arduous and only one bag of litter was produced.  Most of this seems to be on the long stretches of roads out of the village – perhaps deposited by passing motorists!!!!

posted by Sue Ash

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