16 October 2008

The scheme is going well in the village with currently 12-13 volunteers playing their part. We have had 2 or 3 sessions each week since the beginning of last month.

Since 8th September 2008 we have had 9 teams working for 1 hour or more for each session, some consisting of the minimum of 3 people, and some with new volunteers to ‘learn the ropes’. During these sessions we have recorded 30 cars being driven with excessive speed, two of which were noted as driving at 51 and 52 miles per hour! These drivers will all receive a warning letter from the Police. If they drive at excessive speed again they will be put onto the Persistent Offenders List.

Some drivers asked what the volunteers were doing and were handed an explanatory leaflet issued by the Police.

All of the volunteers agree that there has been a moderation in speed in some parts of the village since the beginning of the Scheme, and some of the volunteers feel that two extra Community Speed Watch signs, making four, so that we can cover all major access points, will make a continuing difference. Some of us feel permanent signs would be very useful.

Many thanks to Sue and Jeff Michelmore for their efforts in co-ordinating the first 2 months of the Scheme.

A few more volunteers would enable us to have a better spread of sessions over the week.

Any volunteer(s) to take over co-ordination from the end of October?

posted by Denise Bearne

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