06 November 2008


The Scheme is continuing well, with currently 13 volunteers cleared and trained, with one other awaiting completion of the vetting process.

Since 6 October we have had nine teams working for one hour or more for each session, some consisting of the minimum of three people, and some with new volunteers 'in training'. During these sessions we have recorded 27 cars being driven with excessive speed - three less than in the last Report. One car was recorded twice in the same session, and two others noted as driving at 52 and 55 miles per hour!

Most of the volunteers say there has been a moderation in speed in the village since the beginning of the Scheme when the two Community Speed Watch signs are displayed. However, some comments have been made about 'not seeing the signs'; this may be because two signs do not cover all access points to the village. Permanent signs might well be the solution, or at the least two more folding signs.

The current daylight hours have contracted the time in which we can hold Speed Watch sessions, but a few more volunteers would mean a better spread of people, and their availability, so we did not have to use the same people so often.

Any volunteer co-ordinator(s) out there? It would be good to have a rota for this, with a change, say, every two months, to keep us all fresh! 
Posted by Denise Bearne
Speedwatch Co-ordinator

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