10 January 2009
A Heart Warming Story

Just recently, we wanted to dispose of a dining room table that we no longer required.  We didn't necessarily want money for it but we did want it to go to a home that would appreciate it.  We certainly did not want to see it destroyed.

The table was an oval teak table a few years old but in absolutely first class condition.  This was a highly polished unscratched table but we wanted to dispose of it without chairs and that was a clear problem.  You can sell a table and chairs quite easily but a table on its own - well that's a different matter as we found out.

We advertised it on this web site - not one enquiry.

We advertised it on ebay on two separate occasions for a total of six weeks - not one serious enquiry.

We called various charity shops but no-one "had room for it" - far too big for their shops they said until we called the British Heart Foundation who said YES PLEASE!! and came almost at once to collect it - no charge.

We've just received a letter from them thanking us for our donation and advising us that they have sold it and with Gift Aid it has raised over £120.  The amazing thing is that they are also giving us the opportunity to change our mind regarding the donation in which case they will refund the £120 to us less 1% + vat - yes that's right 1%.  All we need do is write and ask.  We will not be asking. 

We now feel good about supporting the BHF and wish we had thought of them in the first place.  As they say, "Together we can beat heart disease."

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