01 June 2009
Homewatch Report

Colin Bearne, Homewatch Co-ordinator reports:

I attended a countywide Homewatch training day at County Hall on 16th May.

The day was attended by senior members of the county police and by members of the Neighbourhood/Homewatch national executive committee.

Most of the discussion from the floor was about issues affecting the quality of policing. both in the towns and the villages.

Two important matters of policy did imerge, however:

  1. There should be closer liaison between Homewatch coordinators and the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT’s). We already have good relations with our PCSO, but police statements often completely ignore the existence of Homewatch schemes. As evidence please see the statement from our SNT in last month's Waylander.
  2. There should be closer liaison between coordinators in neighbouring areas.
    This involves making contact data available - say within the Wayland parishes'

On a different topic, it seems a pity that events such as the Young Farmers Barnstorming cannot pass off without petty acts of vandalism. On the night between 12 - 12.30 garden ornaments were removed from outside the Lodge in the Street and either destroyed or deposited in an as yet unknown spot. I have no doubt that similar actions may have occurred at other points in the village.

Two crimes should also be recorded.  Between 20th to28th May, 150 roof tiles were stolen from an outbuilding in the village and between 24th to 31st May a vehicle was damaged.

Colin Bearne
Homewatch Co-ordinator

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