12 December 2009
Homewatch Update

Householders are being targeted by people pretending to be from their credit card company, bank or police, saying they're investigating a fraudulent transaction.  They're asked to write down their PIN and put it in an envelope with their credit card and it will be collected by a courier (who happens to be an innocent party to all of this).  Withdrawals are then made.  Asians and Pensioners are the main targets at the moment.

Also criminals posing as government workers are cold calling vulnerable members of the public and tricking them into handing over large sums of money by promising to clear their debts or obtain refunds of bank charges.

ALWAYS check the identity of people calling at your home as there has been a spate of incidents involving bogus police officers.  They may claim to be examining cash for counterfeits, showing a new device that exposes such items or perhaps claiming to be checking locks.  Police always make appointments in these circumstances before visiting.

Also remember that unattended and/or insecure Christmas presents can make it an extra festive season for thieves - and close curtains at night to stop unwanted visitors from peering in.

posted by Colin Bearne - Homewatch Co-ordinator

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