17 May 2010
Garage Sales & Open Gardens Success

Hogweed House

Garage Sales and Open Gardens raised a total of £1,374.40 which will all go to the Village Hall Refurbishment Fund.

I'm not going to name all those who put in a lot of hard work to make this last week-end the huge success that it was.  So many helped by giving their time and their effort and the cause is a very worthwhile one.

The village hall was first built in 1929 but it won't last forever.  It's very clear that without us spending some money on it, we will lose it all together.  Not only is the structure in desperate need of some building works but it also needs some TLC in order to improve its appearance both inside and out.

Very shortly we will be launching a new web site dedicated to the hall itself and we hope to promote the use of the village hall much more to the residents of Caston and the villages nearby.  The hall is already used as the home of Caston Camera Club, the most popular camera club in Norfolk as well as the Art Club which has had to implement a waiting list because it's so popular.  Dog training goes on at the hall as well as upholstery classes, WI and many other activities.  Clearly we need to support the hall for the benefit of all.

So, think about it.  Is there a regular activity that you would like to see started at the hall.  We can't promise to run it for you but on the Village Hall Committee are a number of people who have experience of running these activities and they'll certainly help you get started.

Would you like to help us.  Can you think of an activity that would raise some funds.  I would love to hear from you.  Drop me a line at webmaster@caston-online.co.uk

From brand new to the largest in three years!  The camera club did it and you can too.

Visitors enjoy looking at some of the goods for sale outside the Village Hall

Edited 18/5/10 - A very generous donation of £150.00 has just been received from a Caston resident and this now brings the week-end total to £1,544.40.  Thank you very much.

Village Hall For Hire
Caston Village Hall - Party Time
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