08 February 2007
Parish Council Report
Parish Council vacancy: The Parish Council are very pleased to have received a letter from Mr A Bunn registering his interest in becoming a parish councillor, filling the vacancy made by the resignation of Mrs E Kittell. It was resolved at the meeting held on Monday 5th February 2007 Mr A Bunn be co-opted. As he regularly attends Parish Council meetings and has always shown a keen interest in the village he will be a very valuable member of the council. Home Watch: Colin Bearne again urges you all to be vigilant, as there have been a number of burglaries in neighbouring villages in the last month, mainly breaking and entering. Make sure your property is secure and if you are going away for any length of time let a trusted friend or neighbour know. Flooding: During the long period of heavy rain some properties in Caston were flooded, if you have ditch running through your land and it is your responsibility, please keep it clear allowing excess rain water to flow away. Training Activities: During March and April Bodney Camp & Eastmere urban village will be heavily used and there will be high levels of noise. Tracked vehicles will be using the area round Bodney camp. Fast jets will be making low passes over STANTA. All transit pass holders should note West Tofts to Wretham road will be closed a short notice in March due to exercising units conduct training in the area. Closures may last up to two days including weekends. Both Watton and Sculthorpe will continue to be used by C130’s and helicopters on a daily basis. This area will be particularly heavily used in March. During the period 1-23 April the area will be closed for major live firing activity due to lambing. We are always pleased to see members of the parish at meetings, the next meeting of the parish council is on Monday 5th March 2007. Evelyn Batts, Clerk
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