11 February 2011
Oil Company Warning

In December 2010 I searched "on line" for a good deal for domestic oil supply, the company I found gave the best price and I paid on line for 1,000 litres of domestic oil, this was on the 13th December 2010 with a delivery promised for the 11th January 2011. As I was getting very low on fuel I phoned to see if the delivery was going to be made on time stated. I was told "because of the weather issues" delivery would not be until end of January. I complained saying they had promised by 11th January I told them I would cancel the order. They then stated that there would be a surcharge of 15% for admin charges! at which I pointed out they had not administered anything and I wanted my money returned. I was then told I would have to wait until the supplier had confirmed their cancellation. In the mean time I phoned a local company got fuel within 4 days at the same price per litre the Go Locate had charged.

I waited 2 weeks sent yet another email stating they had had enough time to get the refund. I then much to my amazement had someone from their accounts office call me to say that the suppliers were refunding them that weekend and payment will be going to me within two days.  That was two weeks ago and still nothing. I have sent further emails but still have had no reply and they are now not answering their phones.

As I paid by debit card I have contacted the fraud department of my bank to get repayment through them. All this is taking time and is a hassle and further more they have had my money for 2 months.

So I say BEWARE of this company!


posted by Alan Porter

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