21 March 2011
Village Hall Success

Some visitors to the Craft Fair

Usage of the village hall has been much improved of late thanks to a number of new functions that have taken place there.  Chairman David Blincow said "We really are very pleased with the way things are going.  We now have our own dedicated web site where anyone wishing to hire the hall can immediately see from the on-line diary, when the hall is available.  They can then complete the on-line booking form and receive an almost immediate response to their enquiry.  As well as this" he said "we are also delighted at the way in which our coffee mornings have been so well attended.  This has provided a meeting place for many within the village and on top of that in the  seven weeks that it has been in operation it has raised £372 for the village hall restoration fund."

David also added his thanks to Denise and Luci Bearne for their efforts in raising a further £188 as a result of the craft fair which took place last Saturday.

More information regarding the village hall can be found here.

Village Hall For Hire
Caston Village Hall - Party Time
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