06 April 2011

There have been 2 thefts of heating oil in the village and a further 2 in Stow Bedon. Residents should obviously be very vigilant about their own oil but also take note of any vans “cruising” the village, or of any “delivery” being made at properties where you know the owners are absent. It is thought that two different types of van have been used or possibly an old oil tanker. If you see a suspicious vehicle take the registration number and make a note of the identity of the drivers – what they look like. Contact the home watch coordinator below or the Police 0845 456 4567. http://www.norfolk.police.uk/contactus.aspx


If residents are going away over the forthcoming holiday period they would be well advised to take simple precautions such as arranging time switches for some of their lights, asking a neighbour to keep an eye on the property, or simply informing the Homewatch coordinator on 01953 483961.

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