08 July 2011
Homewatch & Speedwatch

Please be especially careful to keep all outbuildings and sheds locked and outside equipment and tools secure.
If residents are going to be away over the forthcoming holiday period they would be well advised to take simple precautions such as arranging time switches for some of their lights, asking a neighbour to keep an eye on the property, or simply informing the Homewatch coordinator on 01953 483961.

7 June to 4 July 2011 

The Caston Community Speedwatch Team have had 4 sessions since the last Parish Council Meeting – all during June.  We have varied the location of each session and the position of the signs we have to display.  These sessions produced a number of motorists driving with excessive speed; in one location there were seven speeders, four of whom were driving at speeds in the 40’s. 

There is a session booked for this week.

posted by Colin Bearne

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