06 September 2011
A Vibrant Parish Council Meeting

A vibrant parish council meeting took place last night when chairman John Chapman opened the meeting for public participation on the subject of Breckland Council's desire to obtain planning permission for two semi-detached houses on the land beside the telephone exchange.

Residents were clear in their opposition to these plans as the building of these properties will remove a play area that children of the village have enjoyed for well over 20 years.  But, as resident Helen Maxwell clearly explained, we need to be urgently proactive in obtaining the assistance of the Open Spaces Society who are able, when furnished with adequate and correct information, to have this green area designated as an open space which will prevent all development on it - absolute!

The key, is that the land must have been used as a play or sports area for at least the last 20 years and that fact must be proven.  Ideally, pictures taken at the time and any other documentation would be of great value including signed statements from residents who may recall playing there as children or parents whose children played there.

If you can assist we would be very pleased to hear.  In the first instance please click here to advise details.  We have very limited time on this matter as the plans are due to go before Breckland within the next few weeks therefore any information in this respect is urgently required..

When the meeting resumed the councillors were unanimous in supporting the completion of the necessary paperwork and paying the fee for the Open Spaces Society to take up the cause of trying to have the land in question designated as an Open Space.

They also agreed that Councillor Blincow is fully authorised to state the council's opposition to Breckland's proposal at the upcoming Radio Norfolk interview which is planned to take place Wednesday morning (7th Sept 2011).

More information regarding the Open Spaces Society and how they can assist can be found at http://www.oss.org.uk/village-greens/

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