10 September 2011
Speedwatch Report


5 July to 5 September 2011

The Caston Community Speedwatch Team have had 8 sessions since the last Parish Council Meeting – 4 in July, and 4 in August.  There is a session planned for later this week.  We have varied the location of each session and the position of the signs we have to display.  These sessions together produced a higher number of motorists driving with excessive speed than in previous months; in one location there were 9 speeders, which represented 12% of the vehicles recorded.  

One member of the team attended a meeting on an Enhanced Speedwatch Scheme organised by Norfolk County Council/Norfolk Constabulary.  Briefly, communities will be able to have on periodic loan ‘mobile’ flashing signs which show motorists their speed.  One member of each team must receive basic training in erecting, siting and dismantling the signs which can remain in position for any period of time as long as one or two members of the team are in attendance.  We have applied for a training date, but unfortunately those this month are either inconvenient by virtue of the venue, or are completely booked.  We hope to be able to acquire one of the signs before Christmas.

Speedwatch Volunteers – 5.09.11.

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