14 May 2007
Latest on Mains Sewage

At tonight's meeting of the Parish Council, Chairman John Chapman reported that he had spoken to the Anglian Water representative earlier in the day and had obtained information regarding the mains sewage project.

Anglian Water firmly expect to start work in November this year.  Before that, there will be a presentation in the village hall sometime in August/September.  Everyone in the village will be advised of the date and full village plans will be available which will show the precise route of the sewage main and which properties will benefit.

A spur will be taken from the main to the boundary of those properties where the owners say they are interested in connecting to it.  It is not compulsory to connect up.  If you decide to connect up, you can be connected free provided you do so at the time the main is laid.  Owners will have to pay for the pipework necessary to reach from their own septic tank to the spur.  Should you decide to delay connection until a later date there will then be a connection charge as well.

Once connected there will be an additional monthly sewage charge based upon water consumption.

Once the mains sewage system is in place, property owners whose private sewage units are found to pollute can be forced to connect by Breckland Council and they will then have to pay the connection charge as well as the cost of the pipe work necessary to connect them to the mains including the cost of the spur if one is not in place.

It is not certain at this stage as to how far along Northacre the mains will go.  Dukes Lane is expected to be incuded but again at this stage it is not certain.  Only part of Stow Bedon Road will be included.

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