28 February 2012
An Evening of Caston Memories

Presented by Bridget Hall and ably assisted by brother Chris along with local historian John Barnes, the evening was a great success.

Over many years Bridget has put together a collection of old pictorial postcards, some from as far back as the 1890's depicting Caston as it was.  Not only the buildings, some now demolished, but also the residents at the time, some now departed were seen.  Many of them as children in the school photographs but many as adults standing in front of the businesses that they ran and worked for here in the village.

The whole digital show was very neatly put together for projection by David Blincow.  Such was the demand for tickets that the village hall was simply not large enough and the event was moved to Caston School where more than 80 present and previous Caston residents enjoyed both the show and the food on offer.

The evening raised £652.80 for Caston Church Funds and a further £20.00 donation was made to Caston School.

Village Hall For Hire
Caston Village Hall - Party Time
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