07 March 2012
Home & Speed Watch Report


There continue to be thefts of heating oil in the Breckland area. Please heed the advice of the police and ensure that your tank is not immediately visible from the road, has security lighting and if possible an alarm. Take police advice if you are not sure how to make your valuable oil secure.
Can I also renew my plea that you keep all sheds and garages locked and secure.



  6 December 2011 to 6 February 2012

The Caston Community Speedwatch Team have had 8 sessions since the last Parish Council Meeting.  One recent session could only continue for 35 minutes due to the severe cold.  We have varied the time and location of each session together with the position of the signs we have to display.  These sessions together produced a number of motorists driving with excessive speed, of whom there were some driving at well over 40mph.   

We still have yet to hear about the training of one of our team members to operate a mobile flashing sign under the Enhanced Speedwatch Scheme.

Speedwatch Volunteers – 06.02.12.

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