05 April 2012
Homewatch & Speedwatch


Rain or no rain the grass still seems to need cutting! Please take care to see that your mowing equipment and garden tools are kept safe and secure. This is the season for the theft of sit-on mowers for example.
I have a number of window stickers to warn off door to door cold callers. If you would like some or one of these please contact me on 01953 483961.



The Caston Community Speedwatch Team have had 4 sessions since the last Parish Council Meeting. 

We have varied the time and location of each session together with the position of the signs we have to display.  These sessions together produced a number of motorists driving with excessive speed. There were 4 motorists driving too speedily in one session where there was a low vehicle count, all of whom were driving at well over 40 miles per hour.   

We still have yet to hear about the training of one of our team members to operate a mobile flashing sign under the Enhanced Speedwatch Scheme.

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