16 June 2007
Lost Cat

Have you lost a cat.  This very sweet, very friendly little cat seems to have adopted us.  Constantly meouwing she or he (I haven't checked) is clearly unhappy at having wandered away from her family and wants to be back in a loving home.  If you know where s/he lives please get in touch with Brian on 01953 488 477.

Alternatively, if s/he is not claimed would you like to adopt her - she has a really lovely little personality.  Children will adore her - she loves being stroked which really makes her purr.

(Edited 14/6/08)  In the end no-one claimed her (it is a she - apparently 999 out of 1,000 tortoiseshells are female) or wanted to give her a home so we did.  And one year on she is absolutely delightful.

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