26 June 2007
Open Garden Success

On Sunday 24th June, despite the need for an umbrella, 147 determined individuals very kindly braved the weather to show their support for the ten villagers who had worked so hard and so tirelessly to get their gardens into the very best possible condition on the day.  There's nothing worse than inviting a paying audience in to your garden only for them to spot the weeds.  Everything had to be 'just so'.

Each garden so different - from those with an open aspect to those with herbaceous borders and so many flowers, to those well established gardens where you turn and twist from rose arch to weaved fencing and more in order to make your way along secret passages and paths not knowing quite where they will lead.  And every one probably having received more attention in the last week or two than ever before.  It must be said though that it's not only a pleasure for those visiting, it's also a pleasure for the garden owners too.  There's no greater prize than that of appreciation from the visitor and so many people said how much they enjoyed their day.  One couple said they missed two of the gardens because time simply ran out - they had simply lingered far too long on some of the gardens but they plan to start much earlier next time!

With the help of ladies from the WI who served lunch at the village hall as well as to those who kindly gave freely of their time and effort to make cakes and to the many friends of the garden owners who came out to assist man the gates as well as those who willingly made and served teas, the whole project raised over £800.  Had the weather been better, who knows how much it might have been.

Nevertheless, we are delighted to be able to share this money equally between our two chosen charities being the Children's Hospice at Quidenham and the Fabric Fund of the Church of the Holy Cross.

Once again, if you visited our gardens then thank you so much and if, for reasons beyond your control, you weren't able to make it then you can still make a charitable contribution - simply call our Open Garden Treasurer, Jane Horner on 01953 483 627

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