19 June 2014
My New Babies!!

Hello, my name is Violet Gill and I am Caston’s resident miniature schnauzer. Many of you will know me because I regularly take my owners (Steve and Lois) for walks around the village and I always say hello to everyone (usually loudly and persistently).

I had a romantic encounter with a guy from Caistor on Sea  about 9 weeks ago and one thing led to another and we decided to start a family. You may have noticed me putting on a few pounds in recent weeks; well that wasn’t overeating after all……on Tuesday afternoon (June 17th) I gave birth to 8 (yes eight) fine puppies! I have 5 girls and 3 boys and we are all doing well. I must admit I am rather tired and I think it may be sometime before I get my figure back.

Steve and Lois are both very proud of me but they also seem exhausted….my thanks to Marcus at Knott’s Yard Vets for his help and I hope to see everyone else in the next few weeks when I resume my walks around Caston.

Love from Violet xx

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