05 February 2008
Dukes Lane Cats
Dukes Lane Cat Colony Taken to Feline Care Rescue Centre – Homes Needed
For those of you who live down Dukes Lane or the surrounding area, you will have been familiar with the many feral cats of all shapes and sizes that have lived there for many years – Siamese, Tortoiseshell and black cats amongst them. Indeed, some of you may have put out food regularly for them – and now wonder where they are. On Saturday 26th January, they were humanely trapped and taken to the Feline Care Cat Rescue Centre at Roudham Road, East Harling. The rescue centre specialises in caring for feral cats – and is now in the process of worming the Dukes Lane cats, treating them for fleas and neutering them. 18 were taken to the centre.
Having wondered myself about the fate of the cats after a concerned call from a neighbour who had missed them at feeding time for several days, I found out from another neighbour where they had been taken. After speaking to Molly at the Feline Care Cat Rescue Centre, my mind was put at rest. Some of the cats will be offered for rehoming. Indeed, if you befriended a particular cat or just want to offer some of the cats and kittens a new home, then you can visit the Rescue Centre on Sundays between 11am and 2pm. For those cats who can’t be rehomed, they will join the cat colony at the Rescue Centre, which is set in several acres. If you can’t offer a home, then perhaps give a donation for the good work the Feline Care Cat Rescue Centre is doing for feral cats.
Rebecca Ellis
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