13 March 2008
200 More Lorries on the A1075 Each Day!!

The Hockham And Wretham In Tandem Against Gravel Extraction Action Group (HAWITAGE) has been formed to fight Forestry Commission & Norfolk County Councils proposals to select Hockham & Wretham as a site for a massive Sand & Gravel Quarry, then to add insult to injury they intend to fill the hole (which will be big enough to swallow over 44,000 double decker buses) with Waste Landfill!

The site which is currently 316 acres of forestry and woodland and is designated as an EC SPA (Special Protection Area) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) would also have a concrete batching plant, an asphalt plant and an aggregate processing plant, so plenty of noise and dust too!
The site which stretches for over a mile is between Wretham, Hockham & Illington.  A map of exactly where this is can be seen on the HAWITAGE web site by clicking the external link below.
Although thankfully some way from Caston, we will all be affected by the additional heavy traffic - some additional 150 to 200 HGV's on the A1075 EACH DAY.  And that's as if the Thompson/Griston crossroad isn't dangerous enough as it is.  And then of course how many lorries will take a short cut via Caston?


Already set up is a No 10 e-Petition which with sufficient signatures will ensure that the Prime Minister will have to respond.  Click the link below which will take you to the HAWITAGE web site where you can read all about it and then if you feel sufficiently concerned you can visit the Petition site and add your signature to it.
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