08 April 2008
Problem with Flooding?

(The following letter will be distributed in due course to all homes in the village)

Caston Parish Council

CHAIRMAN: Mr. J. Chapman                                                VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr. P. Hall

A polite request from the Parish Council.


Caston Parish Council would like your help to create a detailed map of the areas of the village, which suffer from any form of excess water, either on or around your property.
For example, does the road outside your property become filled with standing water after rain? Does it drain away slowly creating a hazardous area? Do the ditches near your property fill too quickly? Does your garden flood?

We would appreciate any information you would like to give us regarding wet areas.

On the reverse of this page, please state the area of the village in which you live, giving your address if you wish. Describe the problem as clearly as you can or draw a diagram if you prefer.

As you know the area around your property best, with your help we will then be able to determine where the real problem areas are within the village.

We will collect your response one week from today. Please leave it in your post box or in an obvious spot, in the plastic bag provided, so that a member of the Parish Council can collect it.
Alternatively, return it to us at the next meeting on Monday 12th May at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Thank you for your assistance.



Caston has been suffering from LITTER BUGS. If you know one or see one, please ask them to take their litter home with them. As a one off happening, a member of the Parish Council recently collected 12 dustbin bags of other peoples rubbish from the verges in the village. This was exceedingly hard work and we thank them for their effort. We would like to have some help so please put any litter you see in a bin. HELP TO KEEP CASTON CLEAN!


The Parish Council would like your ideas on how we can make Caston a more charming attractive village. Please give us your suggestions on items such as seats, flowers, verge tidying. Is there something that would enhance the village or anything you can think of which would make the village more attractive to you and the visitors. Let us know. We can help make your ideas blossom.

(The above letter will shortly be distributed to all properties in the village)

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