17 July 2008
Speedwatch Volunteer Scheme for Caston
As from Friday morning, 18th July 2008, the Caston Speedwatch scheme will come into operation. The purpose of the scheme is to draw drivers' attention to their speed whilst using the roads of Caston within the 30 mph area. Teams of volunteers, under the overall supervision and control of Norfolk Constabulary, will be using an approved speedgun to record the details of vehicle speeds at various sites within the village. Where a driver is exceeding the speed limit full details of the vehicle and the date and time of the offence will be forwarded to the Norfolk Constabulary Speed monitoring team at police headquarters for appropriate action.

It must be stressed that the aim of this scheme is not to "cop" speeding motorists but rather to educate drivers into driving at a safer and more appropriate speed within the village confines. The police authorities may write to offenders drawing the oversight to their attention. However, the possibility remains that repeating offenders may be registered on the national police database as a persistant speeder with the possible consequence of further action being taken by the authorities.

The village coordinator for the scheme in Caston is Sue Michelmore who would be pleased to receive the registration of additional volunteers to join the scheme. Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Sue on 01953 483497
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