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24 November 2015Speeding In Our Village


If you are then you are encouraged to attend the next meeting of Caston Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall on Monday 7 December, 2015 commencing at 7.30 p.m.


The Parish Council has a working group who have been investigating and evaluating the need for and the cost of buying and operating measures to encourage drivers to observe the speed limit and drive with care and awareness though the village.  After taking soundings and advice the working group is focusing its attention on the “SAM2” mobile flashing speed signs - broadly regarded as the most effective option in these circumstances.  Being semi-mobile they can be used at various key locations around the village – the change of location is shown to be a significant factor in encouraging speed awareness and compliance.

Traffic Volume and Speed

The anecdotal evidence from the activities of the village speed watch team derived from their one or two hour sessions every other week is quite startling if not entirely surprising – in 2008 the speed watch team recorded an average of 58 vehicles per hour passing through the village. This had risen to 112 vehicles per hour in 2012 and is currently running at 125 vehicles per hour in 2015 and the speed watch sessions do not cover the “commuting” hours when speed is often a particular issue. Arguably it is not unreasonable to assume that the volume and speed of traffic will only increase.

…And then there’s the Sat-Nav Problem!

Although The Street was reclassified as a C-Road some years ago, Google maps and other SatNav systems show drivers that they will save significant amounts of journey time travelling between Attleborough and Watton or Swaffham (among other destinations) by driving straight through Caston. Our Parish Clerk has been in touch with various “sat-nav” companies to seek to have their software amended but it is very difficult to judge how effective this will be particularly for those regulars who have established Caston as a through-route.

We think this is an important issue for our residents - perhaps especially at the two ends of the age spectrum – children and youngsters and the elderly. So if this is an issue that affects you or that you have strong views about, please do come to the meeting and let us know what you think – the Parish Council exists to serve the community.

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