03 September 2008

Following our latest appeal for volunteers we have been asked “what does the scheme involve?” We operate in teams of three, co-ordinated according to people’s availability, in various designated sites throughout the village and each session lasts about one hour. One member of the group uses the speed gun to record the speed of approaching traffic. Where appropriate the vehicle number is recorded by the other two members of the group. The details of those vehicles are then passed onto the police, who in due course send a polite letter to the owners of the vehicles pointing out that they were speeding. No-one can be prosecuted from our information. The object of Speedwatch is, and I quote from our briefing pack:

“The scheme is NOT to catch as many speeders as possible but to reduce speeds in areas of concern and to make drivers aware that excessive speed within posted limits is socially unacceptable.”

The commitment for volunteers is a minimum of one hour a week.

We have been operating for 7 weeks now and have NOT experienced any aggression or anger from any drivers whatsoever. In fact when we were trained the police assured us that none of the Speedwatch schemes operating in Norfolk have experienced any problems of aggression. Health & Safety issues are covered in training, but this is NOT a confrontational exercise and if there was ever a problem we are instructed to withdraw.

I do hope that this information reassures anyone who has been concerned about speeding in the village and has been contemplating joining us. We do need you.

Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Sue on 01953 483 497

posted by Sue Michelmore

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