05 September 2006
Stolen Lawnmower
We were really devastated to find that our red and black Lawnflite MTD sit on lawn mower was stolen sometime between the hours of 10.30pm and 7am Monday night and Tues morning. It may be possible that it happened over the weekend and we may not have noticed. The burglars must have had a vehicle to take it away as the tracks of the lawmower wheels can be clearly seen from our property down to Attleborough Road. This would have taken more than one person and may even be three people to load it on to another vehicle waiting on the road. I hope that others in the village have not experienced any loss but just to make sure please check your garden sheds etc. It looks as if this incident was carefully planned as nothing else was taken at all. JUST AS WE ALL THOUGHT CASTON WAS FREE FROM VIOLATION, WE ARE NEVER SURE WHAT IS ROUND THE CORNER! If anyone saw anything unusual over the weekend could they please contact me directly or please use the feedback form to email the webmaster who will pass on the information. Posted by Lesley Crosthwaite
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