04 March 2010
Parish Council Guarantees Village Hall Refurbishment

The Village Hall is our last remaining community facility and is currently used by a number of clubs and activities as well as being used for private functions.  However, having stood there since 1929, its condition is deteriorating and money needs to be spent in order to improve not only the way it looks but also to bring it up to modern day standards of heating, lighting and insulation.

The Village Hall Committee has been raising funds for some while now and while it has accumulated £5,000 that it is able to spend on refurbishment, this is nowhere near sufficient for all the work required.  And so some good news which is that at the last Parish Council meeting the Council agreed to guarantee a further £5,000 which will enable the Village Hall Committee to now approach Breckland Council for a Matched Fund grant of £10,000 making a total sum of £20,000.

Of course it must be stressed at this stage that the deal is not yet done at Breckland but work is in hand to obtain the funding to improve the hall and in so doing it is hoped that the hall be used to an even greater extent and that a lot more activities will be encouraged to take place there.

Work on fund raising will not stop here though and there are a number of ideas in hand which it is hoped will inspire even greater hall usage.  If you have any thoughts on activities that you would like to see taken up for the village via the Village Hall then why not get in touch using the Feedback form on this web site.

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