11 August 2010
The Breckland one stop bus – Your mobile council office.

Bringing services to local communities

Breckland Council on behalf of the Breckland Partnership are delivering a one stop bus which has now been in operation for a month travelling around the villages of the Breckland area meeting many of you and helping you with your enquiries.

The team of advisors on board have enjoyed visiting the community and helping people who may otherwise not have been able to visit one of our mobile offices.

Enquiries on board have been many and varied from completion of benefit claims, reports of abandoned vehicles, planning related matters and tree conservation through to general internet access and usage and much more.

The team have been trained to assist you with enquires relating to all district council enquiries and in addition have links and knowledge in relation to other public services.

Check the schedule and come along when the bus is next in your area whether you have an enquiry, would like to access the internet or would like to discuss something with the team, this is a community project and is being delivered to you by the Breckland Partnership to make accessing our services easier for you.

We’d also be interested to hear from you if you work in the area for the community, maybe we can help you and vice versas.

If you have an enquiry relating to the bus you can call us on 07778 466652, 07778 467980 or 07778 476824 or alternatively email at bus@breckland.gov.uk

Check the latest schedule online at www.breckland.gov.uk/onestopbus

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