25 May 2011
Winners of the Henderson Quiz

David Blincow precides as Question Master

The Henderson Quiz is held in memory of Vi Henderson.

Vi, who lived with her sister at the post office in Stow Bedon, died in the mid-1980s and left a bequest of £1000 to Caston Village Hall. The management committee of the day decided to honour her by holding an annual event of games between the various organisations in the village and surrounding villages. Initially the competitions featured darts and thus the name "Bullseye" was given to the event. This can be seen on the shield mounted on the wall of the village hall listing the various winners of "Bullseye".

Several years later however, the committee decided to change the format to a quiz and invited the various organisations both in the village and the surrounding villages to compete and it has so remained to this day. The winning teams of the "Henderson Quiz" can be seen on the shield mounted on the hall wall alongside the "Bullseye" shield.

And so teams representing organisations as diverse as Caston School, Caston Camera Club, Overton Village Hall, Thompson Village, The Womens Institute and many others compete to get their name on the shield.  Each competing member pays an entry fee of £2.00, a raffle is held with prizes that have been donated  and the proceeds go the the Village Hall fund which on this occasion benefitted to the tune of £166.00

The winners this year were Overton Village Hall with Caston Camera Club a close second.  David Blincow acted as question Master with questions set by Brenda Southgate

Mike Glenn, Rod Rumsbby, Adrian Malton and Christine Reilly
representing Overton Village Hall
the worthy winners of the Henderson Quiz presented by John Chapman (far right)

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