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WW2 history
I'm researching WW1 veterans of my village of Worthing,nr N.Elmham. Frank Gerald Kendall CHAPMAN moved to Caston area after demobilasation and served as Officers Personal Servant at Royal Air Force Station,,Wayland R.D.according to 1939 Register. Would this be RAF Watton? He died in Dec 1956 registered in Wayland D.C. Is there a church burial plan for Caston?
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by David Knight on 02 December 2017
Hello all,

I came across your website when I was doing a bit of research on my family. My Great Grandmother was Deborah Lowe Peeke-Vout (1851) who used to live in Caston. She married William Knott (1840-1905). I wondered if there were any relatives of the Knott or (Lowe) Peeke-Vout family still in the village. These were the parents of my grandmother Alice Knott who married Sidney Brown and live in Whittlsea Cambs. Would love to put the pieces together.
Posted by Pam Walkington on 10 November 2017
Hello Pam
You and I have corresponded and I have spoken to the lady resident here who is of the Peek Vout family and she has confirmed that she would prefer you to let me have your telephone number by email which I will then pass on to her and she can then contact you. I'll await hearing from you.
Posted by Brian Brooker on 11 November 2017
Lost relative
I have been researching my paternal family. This includes a Smith family who were born in Great Hockham. One of the sons Victor Smith married twice; 1. Alice Cator 2. Ethel Hook and they lived in Stow Bedon. He had three children with his two wives. However he is also said to have had an illegitimate daughter "Jean" who would now be in her late eighties and may have been born in Caston. Her half sister dearly wishes to make contact with Jean and I am trying to help locate her missing relative. Is anyone able to help at all? I know after all this time the likelihood of finding her is remote but any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
Posted by Helena Gibbins on 23 June 2017
Does anyone in Caston have surplus CLEAN newspapers that they do not require anymore. I need CLEAN newspapers urgently for part of the bedding with my rescue guinea pigs. Please e-mail if you can help. Thank you.
Posted by Pat Butterfield on 03 March 2017
1951 walk round caston
My parents were Harry and Gertrude Dennis and I have a brother John . Lived at Cley Cottage Northacre. I left Caston in 1952 married Frederick Leserve from London lived in Surrey had two boys and two girls. I now live in Peterborough . My dad was a farm labourer worked for Childerhouse, he bred greyhounds for racing using stock purchased in Ireland selling to Londoners. My mum bred ducks from a few days old to six weeks old. The ducks were delivered by lorry from the rail at Stow Bedon. As for myself I represented Norfolk for long jump in 1948 the all English sports from Watton school. John my brother married Heather Skipper and now lives in Watton. I remember cycling home with John Barnes from Stow Bedon station. Other memories if interested.
Posted by Rosemary leserve nee dennis on 10 February 2017
Good to see
Thanks for the site rekindled some memories of the Village.
Posted by Gordon Eagling on 12 December 2016
wheelwrights or scrapyard
has anyone got photos of Banham wheelwrights on the green or Fred Taylors scrapyard on the green or information please
Posted by linda smith on 13 November 2016
Hi just found this site and wondered if anyone remembers my grandparents. They were Ivy and Reginald Goldsmith. I spent my early childhood in the park cottages at Gt Hockham where they lived for many years. I believe that my Gran was born in Stow Bedon but not sure where Reg was born. If anyone remembers them then would love to hear,
Posted by Marcus Batten on 07 October 2016
Caston History
Hi there. My mother, Brenda Beales lived at Rocklands for over eighty years. She has recently gone into residential care at Attleborough. Whilst going through her papers etc. I found a number of items about Caston. Her relatives, the Mann family lived at Caston. One of her cousins Wally was a keen walker and a very good artist. I have a picture which I believe is of Caston Church drawn by Wally. Perhaps the church would like this. I live at Saham Toney so I can bring the items over if anyone is interested in having a look.
Posted by Tricia Thorpe on 28 September 2016
Hello Tricia -
I have just read your email on the village website. The Church of The Holy Cross would indeed be very pleased to receive the picture drawn by Wally of Caston Church. You can give me a call and we can arrange to meet at the church or my home. Please give my regards to your Mum - a lovely lady and we always chatted when we met especially when Billy came on his yearly visit.
Kind regards
Bridget (Hall) Church Farm
Posted by Mrs Bridget Hall on 29 September 2016
Caston online
Hi, just found this site whilst trying to find out how the field, on the right going up Caston hill was littered with point 50 shells in the early 60s as we were tractor hoeing. Found the answer in a fascinating article written by John Barnes.
Have read through the comments on here and a name that I recall is Tortice, I worked with a bricklayer named Tortice in the early 60s. He lived on the corner near The Dukes Head pub and I used to cycle as far as Caston and he would give me a ride in his Morris Traveller to Watton.
This is a really good site...well done.
Posted by Alan Gardiner on 04 September 2016
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