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Family history
Edmund and Susanna Land lie buried in the parish church. I am their gt gt grandson. Benjamin Henry Land and George Land also lie in the churchyard next to their parents. They are my gt gt uncles. Robert Land born Caston and died in Attleborough in 1885 is a gt gt uncle. My gt grandfather, Charles Land 1822 - 1863 was also born in Caston. The Lands lived in Caston, Griston,Stow Bedon, Rockland St Peter, Rockland St Peter. Many Lands emigrated in the nineteenth century and I have cousins in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada. I shall be delighted to exchange information with members. I know John Barnes well. Interested members can contact me via this website. My name is Neville Land, aged 70 years and I live in the West Midlands.

Thank you

Posted by Neville Land on 28 January 2015
Seen on ITV
I was born 1948 to a Clifford Caston in Machen. I was so proud to find this village when watching a program on ITV I now have to find out more as to my Maiden name the same as your village so glad you have this blog.
Posted by Susan Bunney (nee Caston on 21 January 2015
Searching The Past
As you can see, I bear the same name as the village although I am American and also African American. We are told that all Caston's in the USA are descended from Sir John de Caston. When I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters I lived at Yoxford. I went to the village of Caston to see what it looked like and I stood and looked at the old church trying to imagine what life was like in Sir John's day. I love England, and am proud to wear the Caston name. Two of my children were born there. I doubt that I shall ever see it again, but I feel a part of me is there forever.
Posted by James D. Caston on 02 December 2014
Wow, what a really nice message. Thank you James for getting in touch. It may appear surprising but despite this small village being the "birthplace" of the Caston name, there are far more by that name now in America than there are here. There's certainly no-one in this village by that name and generally very few in the UK by comparison as to the number in the U.S. The church to which you refer is the Church of the Holy Cross and while I'm uncertain as to when you were in the UK I can confirm it still stands today and both the church and the churchyard are well looked after.
Posted by Webmaster on 04 December 2014
The Sussams Family
Hello, I'm researching the Sussams family and am delighted to find reference to Charles Sussams in your Caston walk article. John, you also referenced Robert (or Bob) an RAF pilot - my grandfather! He died in 1977 when I was only 7 so I didn't know him (or my great grandfather) very well. If you have any personal memories about either of them, I would be exeedingly grateful to hear them. Thank you!
Posted by Kate Sussams on 06 October 2014
Jim and Gwen Bone
I'm trying to trace an old friend. Does anyone know Jim and Gwen Bone who lived in Caston during the sixties. Thanks
Posted by June Swan on 23 September 2014
Lloyds Bank Community Fund - Vote for Caston VA Primary School
Lloyds Bank have a community initiative which we are taking part in. Voting for Caston Primary School could help secure some funding for us.

As a school we are looking to upgrade our library for our local mums and tots community group which runs twice a week in the school hall. This would give children in our rural community access to books from birth, starting the lifelong process of learning.

Voting Closes on 10th October.

A link can be found on the school website:

Click on the Lloyds Bank Community Fund vote tab.

Thank you very much for your support.
Posted by Caston VA Primary School on 22 September 2014
Looking for Hayhoe Family History
I am an American, living currently in Seattle, Washington. I come from a family of 3 girls, all born and raised in Minnesota, and my father, Frederick Harry Hayhoe, was born in Caston, and emigrated with his parents, Alice Clark Hayhoe and James Hayhoe, plus his elder sister, Dorothy Hayhoe, when Fred was about age 13. I am not really sure of the date, but for years and years I have tried to locate Caston, and no one from England whom I have met ever seemed to have heard of it. I doubt that there may be anyone there now, nor any record of the Hayhoe family, but if so, I would dearly love to hear from you. I am in the process of trying to write a history of our nuclear Hayhoe family, and anything that could be added about the Hayhoes from Caston would be very appreciated.
Posted by Alice Hayhoe Crawford on 31 August 2014
Readers may be interested to know that with the help of Jane Horner, we found Alice's father, where he lived in Northacre and the date and place where he travelled from to go to the U.S. We also found her Great Grandparents' headstone in Caston churchyard. Alice wrote a very complimentary letter thanking us for our efforts which we were delighted to receive. Alice, we wish you well.
Posted by Webmaster on 22 September 2014
I am so delighted to have received such lovely responses from Brian Brooker and the extensive work that he and Jane Horner did on my behalf. It was a wonderful surprise for me, as I am now age 79, and writing a family memoir of our nuclear family, including as much as I have been able to learn about my father, Frederick Harry Hayhoe, and mother, who was from the state of Arkansas here, and a description of how they met, married, and as much as I can now recall about our young family. It was an absolute thrill to even hear back from my email inquiry, and Brian has been so incredibly helpful and generous with his time, in forwarding so much information about my ancestors. I am extremely grateful, and just sorry that I was never able to locate this lovely village sooner. Thanks for all the help, which would not have been possible without the Internet!

Best personal regards to all those who live in or are connected with the village of Caston.

Alice Hayhoe Crawford, and our Hayhoe family in America
Posted by ALICE HAYHOE CRAWFORD on 10 October 2014
Lower Stow Bedon
Being a baby of the war, I was fostered out and lived in Lower Stow Bedon from 1948/9 until 1956/7.
I have many fond memories and I am writing a family book for my children and grandchildren and would like to include a small map of the village of Lower Stow Bedon showing the various property boundaries particularly including the area from where the stream passes under the road just up from the Watton Road through to Sandy Lane.
If anyone has or knows of the existence of such a map - circa 1940 - 1950, I really would appreciate a copy, either scanned or hard copy.
Having looked extensively on the internet I have not yet been able to find one and would very much appreciate the help of your readers. Please contact me via the email address attached.
Thank you.
Colin Parker
Posted by Colin Parker on 29 August 2014
looking for Gilman graves in Caston
Hello - I am an American staying with a friend in Essex. I will be in Norfolk the weekend of August 22-24 looking for my ancestors graves. The gravestones might be too old to read - Edward Gilman in the 1500's,Robert, John and another Edward in the 1600's, possibly others, as they were prolific back then. I have already seen the ancestors in St. Andrew's Church in Hingham but would like to look even further back. Are there any maps of the cemeteries with names? Where are the cemeteries in Caston? Greatly appreciate any help.
Sincerely, Kathy Gilman
(I have written to you privately advising how to obtain further information regarding this Ed.)
Posted by Kathy Gilman on 10 August 2014
holidays at Caston
I always look at Caston on Line because all my childhood summer holidays were spent with my Aunt and Uncle Prebble who originally lived in Dukes Lane. I am still in touch with Jane and Roy (Greenwich Villa). I love the village, love the way it has kept it's old world charm and love the way it is looked after by the people who live there.
Posted by barbara ball on 07 August 2014
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