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Autumn Craft Fair
I would like to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who helped make the Caston Autumn Craft Fair such a success, particularly Kay Farmbrough for organising a rota of helpers to man the refreshments all day, all those who gave an amazing variety of gifts for the Tombola, and Rita Miller who sold all the tickets for the Tombola. The final amount raised for the Village Hall Improvement Fund was £212.50, which included table fees, and the takings from the Tombola and Refreshments.

We shall be holding our Caston Spring Fair in March 2014.

Denise Bearne 01953 483961
Posted by Denise Bearne on 11 November 2013
May I please have details of the 15th March craft fair
Posted by maurice cornelius on 28 February 2014
CATOR Descendants
I am in search of any descendants of James and Anna Cator; in particular any descedent to son of above Arthur Samuel Cator bn 1886 Griston. who later married Georgian Knott in 1917. Arthur served in WWI, he died in 1940 at the young age of 54, however I am not sure where he is buried.
James and Anna + family lived in Caston as per
"A Caston Walk 1911".

I am not related but did find some information some years ago, which needs to be past on.

Tony, Local Historian.
Posted by Tony on 31 October 2013
John Barnes has sent me a copy of your request regarding information about the Cator family. Unfortunately I do not have a family tree, but at no time do I ever recall any of my forebears mentioning Arthur, although my family lived in Caston. I was born there in 1944.
Cator is a common name in this area, some spell it Cater.
Regret on this occasion I cannot be of further help, if you have any further queries about the Cator family I may be able to help.
Posted by Barry Cator on 01 November 2013
A recent enquiry concerned the Cator family of Caston. Parents James and Anna (nee Bell) were from Caston and Griston respectively. There were five children, the older born in Griston and the younger in Caston.
1. William Cator, father of Leslie and Raymond. Lived in Home Farm Cottages, Northacre around 1950. Leslie Cator, a duck plucker, kept Caston Red Lion in the 1950s and later. He and Cissie had Barry (now in Watton) and Terry.
2.Arthur Cator, born 1886, known as Jack. Fought in WW One. Had a breathing problem and may have been gassed. Married Georgina Knott in 1917. Died (where?)aged 54 in 1940.
3.Harry Cator. Served in WW One. Died in Palestine 1917, but some evidence suggests he died later elsewhere. Remembered on Caston War Memorial.
4.Anna Cator, b ca 1895, domestic servant in 1911 Census.
5.Herbert George Cator, b late 1904. Married Ivy Davison,1936. Son David lives in Watton. Caston home was the present Clematis Cottage. James' widow Anna lived with them around 1950. She would place flowers on War Memorial in memory of Harry.
Other Cators in Caston are thought to be linked to Stow Bedon Cators.
Confusingly, a second Leslie Cator worked at Church Farm, Caston. An army man, he was at Dunkirk. He is linked to Stow Bedon Cators family.
Posted by John Barnes on 01 December 2013
Joe Milner
As an ex London Fireman I am trying to find out about the resting place of Joe Milner as he was my Chief Officer when I was a member of the LFB. I know he passed away in the village and know no more, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Posted by Frankie Ward on 31 October 2013
Part of Joe's ashes are interned behind the east window in Caston's churchyard where a tablet is inscribed. There is also a seat on the memorial green dedicated to him. He passed away on the 13th January 2007
Posted by Webmaster on 31 October 2013
Joe & I moved to Caston on his retirement from the LFB. We spent 30 happy years here. Joe quickly became part of village life, served on the Parish Council for many years as well as the village hall commitee. We travelled extensively and Joe wrote a book, short stories, took up painting and riding. After his death I went to Burma and sprinkled some of his ashes as he was one of Wingates Boys. I left Caston in 2011.
Anne Milner
Posted by Anne Milner on 12 November 2013
Elsie Breeze
My dad, Cyril Breeze, wishes to point out that he is still very much alive at 89 and if anyone else knows him or his family he would very much like to hear from them.

Many thanks,

Posted by john Breeze on 26 August 2013
Elsie Breeze
Researching my family who lived in Caston and having read the excellent article about 'A Caston Walk 1911' my attention was grabbed by the section on The Chase.
My father lived in The Chase cottages in the early 20s with many of his relatives living there too. I'm trying to get him to relate everything he can remember about his childhood so I can write an article for your website.
In the early years of my research into my ancestry I did make contact with a lady who said that she knew a great deal about my family, but regretfully I did not manage to make contact with her again, her name was Mrs Goddard.
I see from the article and the 1911 census that the Goddards also lived in The Chase cottages, perhaps they were her relatives.
So may I use 'Caston online' to try and get in touch with Mrs Goddard so that I can ask if she has any memories of my Breeze family of The Chase Caston and in particular my grandmother Elsie Breeze who was born there.
And if there are other readers of your site who have information I would love to hear from them too.
In anticipation, many thanks and thank you for a great website.

John (who would love to live in Norfolk but has to make do with Kent).

Posted by john breeze on 26 August 2013
Dear John, I'm unsure which Breeze you are descended from but I knew Eddie (who died) and Dennis. If you e-mail me I'll send you "Caston in 1951". I'm in touch with Dennis. His parents were Arthur & Dorothy (Dora) Breeze. They had a daughter who died young. I think that Arthur & Dora later moved to one of the cottages at The Arch Corner. A second Breeze family lived next to Bernie Bailey for a time - Mr & Mrs Reggie Breeze and Pauline. John Barnes, 01689 853666. (Orpington, Kent.)
(You can email John by clicking on his name below. Ed.)
Posted by John Barnes on 26 August 2013
Old Neighbors
I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath from 1995-1998. My wife and I lived in Thyrne House, Hunter's Ride, Caston. We had wonderful neighbors whom I believe their names were Jill and Martin Smith. Thyrne House was our eldest sons first home. If anyone know of Jill and or Martin Smith, have them contact me. I would love to say hello!
Posted by Joe Nolley on 03 July 2013
Missing Everyone
Hello from across the Atlantic. I'm really missing everyone in the beautiful and friendly village of Caston and cannot wait until the bureaucrats earn their keep and send my visa back to me.

I'm crushed that I will miss the fete as I was really looking forward to it this year. Last year we had only been in the village a couple of months and didn't really know anyone. This year I was looking forward to really feeling a part of the festivities! Enjoy on my behalf and I hope the Caston camera club posts lots of pictures so I can enjoy the day vicariously.
Posted by Terri Willings on 29 May 2013
Great War Veterans
Local historian Jane Horner is very keen to obtain pictures and more information generally regarding four former residents of Caston who lost their lives during the the Great War of 1914-18. They are:
George Walker Anthony d26/10/1917 Flanders
Herbert Cooper d17/8/1917 Ypres
Harry Green d ??
Horace Tye (mrd Gertrude Skitmore) d28/4/17 Arras
Leonard Arthur Tye d3/5/1917 Arras
Please click Jane's name below in order to get in touch.
Posted by Jane Horner on 18 April 2013
Barham and Tice families
I'm planning a trip to Norfolk in June and hoping to visit Caston church where I believe my ancestors Edward Tice and Sarah Barham were married in 1799. Edward was from Stow Bedon and Sarah from Caston. (They later moved to Hingham.) I'm wondering whether anyone with those names still lives in the area? Also can anyone suggest the best way to reach Caston or Stow Bedon from Norwich using public transport?
Posted by Deborah Patterson on 16 April 2013
As an ex resident of the village(born and raised there), it is so good to see the village getting recognition at last, and if John Chapman gets to read this, Hi John, my wife and I met Wendy in 2008 in the village, hope that you may remember me, David Banham.
Posted by David Banham on 30 March 2013
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