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Just moved to the area. Trying to find a registered childminder that drops off and picks up from Caston Primary School. Term time only
Posted by Al Clipsham on 12 August 2016
Transport survey
I am trying to reach as many areas of Breckland and Norfolk with this survey from Norfolk County Council regarding transport. It is an opportunity to have a say on future transport plans. Please share among your community and with any others who would benefit.

Kind regards
Posted by Karen on 23 June 2016
Caston Village Fete Committee would like to thank everyone for their help and support on Saturday, 4th June 2016. We were certainly thankful for the sunshine which appeared for us at lunchtime. The fete was a tremendous success not only financially but more importantly for the great community effort which was made by everyone.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again next year.
The profit made at the fete amounted to £3536.55.
An excellent result.
The money will be donated to The Church of The Holy Cross.

Many thanks
Posted by Bridget Hall on 10 June 2016
Pooley Family of Caston
I was so pleased to find this site today. I have been researching the Edward Pooley Family. He was an agricultural laborer who lived in Caston from 1861 to 1891. He was born in Letton in March of 1829, married Susannah Hall at Shipdham in 1849. I am a descendant of their daughter Ann Pooley b. 1857 at Shipdham. Ann Pooley Married William George Tennant at Shipdham in 1883 The censuses say that they lived at Chase (1861,1871) Dairy farm cottage 1881 and Chase Farm Cottage in 1891. Would these be the same place?
Jeanne Beauvais, Grandville, Michigan, USA
Posted by Jeanne Beauvais on 20 April 2016
I will try to reply to your enquiry in a few days' time. At present I am recovering from a prostate operation on Wednesday. I knew the Pooley family, and there are relatives still in Caston. Mary, daughter of the Ted Pooley I knew, died a few weeks ago. Do contact me directly.
Posted by John BARNES on 23 April 2016
Yes, these are the same location. This Pooley family lived in one of the Chase Farm Cottages, the one furthest west from the farm house. I have them there on my plan of Caston, 1891. They were still living there in 1901, both aged 73. The cottages were reached by an undefined track over a meadow. The cottages have been demolished. Sorry that I do not have a photo but I remember the cottages well. A descendant, Patrick (Paddy) Tortice lives in Caston.
Posted by John Barnes on 26 April 2016
Caston Family History and Contacts
My Grandfather's name is Kenneth Caston. My Great Great Great Grandfather came over from England to the New Found land America USA I would love to know my Caston family history that dates all the way back to the 1200 to the 1700 century's all the way back to King Henry the 1st when my ancestor fought side by side with King Henry the 1st and King Edward. Thank',my Facebook is Robert Caston in Denver,Colorado from New York Originally.
Posted by Robert W. Caston on 03 March 2016
Storm damage
Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about the storm that damaged Caston church. I don't know the exact date but it was around late 2002 - early 2003.

I'm doing a project on storms in the Norfolk area.

Many thanks,

Posted by Gemma on 01 March 2016
Alison Skipper
HappyChristmas Alison, managed to track you to here. Love Julie.
Posted by Julie Buckner nee Poprdan on 17 December 2015
Contact with John Pemberton
A friendly hello from MELBOURNE to all at CASTON. John Pemberton replied to me on Caston-on-Line on 26th June 2012 with regard to our common ancestry with WALTER JOHN PARTRIDGE/DODGSON FAMILIES. Unfortunately I haven't been able to contact John Pemberton directly via email, so I wrote again on-line on 24/7/2013 giving as much information that I had about my Grandfather, E.R.W. PARTRIDGE. Obviously John has not been able to contact me as my email address was not displayed. Can John Barnes or Jane Horner help get us in contact? Are there families of my grandfather's brother WALTER ERNEST CLARKE PARTRIDGE around or relatives who have information on FLORENCE E.HOBBS (passed on in Nov 1941-possibly in SANDOWN, ISLE OF WIGHT)Florence married my GRANDFATHER, E.R.W. PARTRIDGE not long before when he was with his father W.H.PARTRIDGE- who had RETIRED from the Church in CASTON. W.H.P.(passed on-May 1938)at BRECKLES in SANDOWN. I believe FLORENCE had 2 sisters and nieces. They all lived on the ISLE OF WIGHT and are buried there I believe. Love to all and hope to get an email from someone this time round. Cheers, Edelweiss van Rooyen
Posted by Edelweiss Symons on 30 August 2015
Thank you for rescuing our cat
We would like to say thank you to the resident of Caston who found our cat 'Coco' apparently stuck in a fence on Thursday/Friday and took her to the PACT animal sanctuary. Your swift and kind action almost certainly saved her life. She was taken from PACT to a vet in Watton who, because Coco is micro-chipped, was able to contact us. She has spent the weekend under veterinary care, on a drip and given antibiotics and painkillers and now seems on the road to recovery. Once again, thank you for your kind-hearted action which has allowed Coco to recover from her traumatic experience and go from being near death to being able to come home this afternoon.
The Hunt Family.
Posted by The Hunt Family on 24 May 2015
Family history
Edmund and Susanna Land lie buried in the parish church. I am their gt gt grandson. Benjamin Henry Land and George Land also lie in the churchyard next to their parents. They are my gt gt uncles. Robert Land born Caston and died in Attleborough in 1885 is a gt gt uncle. My gt grandfather, Charles Land 1822 - 1863 was also born in Caston. The Lands lived in Caston, Griston,Stow Bedon, Rockland St Peter, Rockland St Peter. Many Lands emigrated in the nineteenth century and I have cousins in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada. I shall be delighted to exchange information with members. I know John Barnes well. Interested members can contact me via this website. My name is Neville Land, aged 70 years and I live in the West Midlands.

Thank you

Posted by Neville Land on 28 January 2015
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