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The feedback form allows visitors to send

  • an enquiry or suggestion to the webmaster for onward transmission to the parish council if required or
  • a submission for entry onto the web-site.

 And, if you liked the site then why not e-mail a friend and share the experience.

Now this is really important.  Every so often links can change and unless we run through the whole site on a regular basis we won't know about any problems.  If you happen to find any link that fails to work or any picture that doesn't show or fails to enlarge when it obviously should or any video that doesn't play or anything else that needs correcting, do please write and let us know - just fill in details on the feedback form.  Any help on this will be gratefully received and acknowledged. 

Privacy Statement

The only personal information that we collect is that which you enter on the feedback form or on an email if you choose to communicate with us by that method. We will normally publish your name on the site but will withhold it if you request us to do so. If you give us your email address it can be seen by other visitors to the site but we will remove it or not publish it in the first place if asked.  Your email address is not required but we would like to reply to you and will be unable to do so without it.