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Please forward my condolences to John Barnes family
I wrote on your visitors page a few weeks ago that his late mother lodged with my maternal GRANDMOTHER in West Beckham. I am a great keeper of, or hoarder of, things and I have the letters he wrote when my mother died also copies of his books. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to pass on my condolences.
Posted by Jane Elizabeth Tooke on 31 December 2019
Just become aware my family originate from Caston and nearby Rockland St Mary
Grave of the Lakes are in the churchyard at Caston.
My Great grandfather came from London and became a funeral director.
Posted by Ray Lake on 24 November 2019
My mother's friend
Rose Barnes lodged with my maternal grandparents in West Beckham, when she was teaching at Bodham School (near Sheringham). After she married and moved to Caston, Rose continued to correspond with the family, usually at Christmas. I recall taking my late mother to visit Rose in the 1980's. I am now driving through Caston once a fortnight to visit another friend of my late mother, Joan Smith (from Great Dunham). Joan is currently residing at Thorpe House in Griston.
Posted by Jane-Elizabeth Tooke on 03 November 2019
My ancestors lived in Caston for over two centuries: Smith, Buckenham, Springall, Osborn, Hooke, Abby, Crook and Betts. Various branches kept the Red Lion and other pubs I believe.
Posted by Trudy Clark on 03 November 2019
James Petrie
We have just acquired a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I which was ordered new by James Petrie of Caston. Does anyone know where he got his wealth from or what his business was? The 2nd owner was Joseph Sieff of M&S - was the car sold due to Petrie's death? ANy help would be great. thanks Sue -
Posted by Sue Jones on 04 September 2019
Walker Family
I am a descendant of William H Walker, born 1851, Caston, England. I am looking for any Walker family that might remain in the local area. I'd be most grateful for any information available. Thank you! Don Walker
Posted by Donald Walker on 12 April 2019
Family History
After a long illness, I am having another search through those old images and letters handed down from my mother the Fincham family.. I have found some names from the 1940s that maybe some one might recognize..
Terry Cator. Alfred Nobbs / Knobbs. Rex Jolly. Irene Jolly. Dick Jolly. Iris Reeve....
Sorry if you have tried to make contact in the past, please do so again, much of my contacts got lost during my illness.
Regards Tony
Posted by Tony on 05 February 2019
Miss You All
We lived in Stow Bedon for several years and spent much time in the Red Lion and the Village Hall. We still fondly remember those "coffee mornings" on Fridays.

We miss you all!
Posted by Mark & Brenda Pridgen on 01 February 2019
Caston Family
Is the village related to the Caston family? I can trace my Castons back to 4 time great grandfather William Caston 1792-1854 and his father Joseph Caston. William was a gardener but where...?
Posted by Kirk Green on 08 September 2018

My name is Jennifer Caston and I was wondering the exact same thing! I did and most of my family is from England within the Norfolk area.
Posted by Jennifer Caston on 22 April 2019
Sir John de Caston
AKA Sir John A. Swete (Knight of Caston 1380). Looking for some history on Caston in the 1400. My relatives came to the USA in 1637 (John Swete)and the Sweets have their own cemetary in Salem, Rhode Island. Some migrated to Alberta Canada. I live in British Columbia Canada. Looking to connect with family in Caston. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, CJ Sweet.
Posted by Cherlynne Sweet on 08 September 2018
Hello, I too would like to get some more information about Sir John A. Swete and family. Thank You.
Posted by Matthew Sweet on 15 January 2020
George King
Posted on 28 May 2018
Posted on 27 May 2018
WW2 history
Posted on 02 December 2017
Posted on 10 November 2017
Lost relative
Posted on 23 June 2017
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1951 walk round caston
Posted on 10 February 2017
Good to see
Posted on 12 December 2016
wheelwrights or scrapyard
Posted on 13 November 2016
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Caston History
Posted on 28 September 2016
Caston online
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Transport survey
Posted on 23 June 2016
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Pooley Family of Caston
Posted on 20 April 2016
Caston Family History and Contacts
Posted on 03 March 2016
Storm damage
Posted on 01 March 2016
Alison Skipper
Posted on 17 December 2015
Contact with John Pemberton
Posted on 30 August 2015
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