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This visitor's page is here to allow you to make comments which can be contentious or complimentary; can be about the village, the parish council, the web-site, family research, which is very popular, or indeed any other matter of concern or interest to the village and villagers of Caston. It's really good to see people from as far away as Australia and America write in but it's equally fantastic to hear from those still local to Caston and elsewhere in the UK.

Your comments will be very welcome.

Please don't leave without letting us know you were here and, particularly if you are outside of Caston, then the area you come from.

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Holiday Visit
Helen Caston: 29 April 2024
Looking forward to visiting Caston this week - we booked a last minute weekend away and it wasn't until the booking was confirmed and we were given the address that we noticed the name of the village we are staying in is our surname ??
Looking forward to learning a bit more about the village and its history
Brian Brooker: 30 April 2024
The name Caston appears to be a lot more popular in the U.S. than it is here and there are none in this village. You don't say but I presume you are American. Either way enjoy your stay here.
The Thomas Cook family of Caston 1786 - 1814
Richard Cooke: 22 March 2024
I have details. He farmed at Chase Farm. Is anyone updating the work of John Barnes?
Great new website
Rich Ives: 27 October 2023
Thank you for giving the website a refresh - it works really well :-)
Family History
Donald Walker: 23 October 2023
My Great Grandfather was William Henry Walker, born 1851 in Caston. His parents were William Walker, born 1818 in Cranworth, but farmed and died in Caston. His bride was Matilda Banham, born Caston in 1821. I'm seeking to find pictures of the related Walker families, and any local history that might include members of my family. I would be most grateful for any information. Most respectfully, Don Walker
Jane Horner: 31 December 2023
Hello Donald,
We are related. Matilda was the younger sister of my great great grandfather.
No pictures though I'm afraid.
Does an Ernest feature in your tree who had a daughter Mary Anne?
family history
Stewart Parsley: 27 January 2023
My Gt Gt Gt grandfather John Parsley moved to Caston from South Elmham Suffolk about 1790 with his future wife and daughter. He paid £35 land tax in 1798 and married at Caston church in 1799 his wife being 8 months pregnant with their third child. William was born in 1799 and lived all his life in Caston being listed as farmer at Church Farm and dying at Church Farm in 1869. They had 11 children, many are buried at the front of Caston church. His wife Mary died in 1871, also buried in the churchyard. Their children either died at Caston or moved to London.
Caston Art Club Exhibition
Stephanie Blincow: 10 September 2022
Caston Art Club Exhibition Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October. Caston Village Hall NR17 1DD

Caston Art Club’s Annual Exhibition will be held on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October between the hours of 10am and 4pm both days.
Entry is free and there will be a raffle for a landscape watercolour painting by a local professional artist Phil Biggs. There will be a tombola stall and refreshments will be served.
We do hope that folk will come and support our local artists some of whom have sold many paintings in recent years. There will be a wide variety of mediums on display including Oil paintings, Acrylics and Watercolour. Many of the paintings on show will be available for purchase.

We hope to see you.

Caston Art Club
local event
Lottie Walker: 10 August 2022
Hello lovely people of Caston. You may be interested in Kemp's jig a play that is coming to the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich next month. Will Kemp mentions Rockland in the story - it's a fun bit of social history and we'd love to see you. And I have lots of info if you'd like to email me. Box office is: 01603 620917
Thanks so mucb!
Family history
Gary Peter Bowers: 30 June 2022
We visited Caston village 06/1922 after discovering that my grandfather Percy Herbert Bowers and his sister Edith, my great grandmother Louisa Griggs (nee Bowers) married George Griggs herdsman/cowman and had two more sons Richard Robert 1910-1976 and Benjamin Robert 1909-1910. They lived in Church Farm Cottages around 1908. Maybe someone might have an old school photo with him in. It’s a lovely village. Sincerely Gary Bowers,Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire.
Planning Application
Leslie Nightingale: 03 May 2022
I'd like to draw the attention of villagers to a planning application (3PL/2022/0472/F) submitted to Breckland District Council (BDC)on 21 April. There is no planning notice on site and a search on BDC's planning portal in the Location cell Caston does not pick this up either.
The application is to build a house on land at the rear of Homefield House, The Street, Caston. If this were to be approved then this would set a building line which WOULD POTENTIALLY OPEN UP THE ENTIRE FIELD TO YET ANOTHER ESTATE DEVELOPMENT.

Grounds to oppose this include
1. that the proposed building is stated in the planning application as being on land referred to as garden. In fact a large proportion of this plot is actually agricultural land and lies beyond the boundaries of the property 'Homefield House' and
2. that it would be a backfill development behind an existing proprty (Homefield House).
Fanny Rogers
Tania Edgar: 01 November 2021
thanks to Jane from Attleborough Heritage Group I am a little nearer to finding out about my Great Grand Mother, can someone tell me more about LMA House and if anything is known about it or how long she lived there are there parish records I can search hopefully someone can offer some light

Thank you
Family Mystery
Jane Doughty: 29 October 2021
Hi I’m part of the Attleborough Heritage Group and I’m trying to help a woman whose Great Grandmother died in Caston in 1939. The thing is nobody know why she was there. I have been given the address of LMA House Northacre Wayland. I was wondering if anyone knows what this address related to in 1939. The death certificate says she fell down the stairs in Caston on 1st December 1939. I’m also wondering if she is buried at Caston. Her name was Fanny Rogers. I was reading that wonderful history of Caston this morning by John Barnes. What a beautiful history.
Jane Horner: 29 October 2021
She is buried in Caston but in an unmarked grave.
I will try and find out about LMA House.

Her name was Frances Rogers, born 19th May 1857, widowed by 1939.
It looks very much like Alma House (opposite the Old Black Horse)
Jane Doughty: 31 October 2021
Thank you so much I will pass this on.
Alan Gardiner: 10 October 2021
My Grandparents, George and Edith Banham(nee Webster) lived in a house in from the late 1940s to the late 1950s. They moved there after selling Park Farm at Rocklands st Peter. They moved to a bungalow in the street at Rocklands all Saints to a bungalow next to the village school. I have often looked up Northacre trying to locate their house,but so much has changed over the years, the house they lived in may not be there anymore.
Gooch Family of Caston
John Gapp: 27 September 2021
My grandmother, Mary Gooch, was born in Caston in 1892, and the family ran the Northacre Prince of Wales inn. I would be interested in hearing from any members of the family still living in the area.

John Gapp

Alberta, Canada
Majid : 20 March 2021
Looking forward to visiting your village first week of May 2021. We’re staying in a Farm nearby for a week. We are coming from Cambourne.
Village Sign
Terry Jackson: 12 December 2020
Greetings. What a lovely Village. I would love to visit some day. I wonder if someone might explain the images on the Village Sign?

I am visiting your site because my Great Great Grandfather, John Rivett, was listed as a Police Constable in Hockham, but some of his children from his marriage to Susanna Noble, were baptized at Holy Cross in Caston.

I am in the state of Illinois, Land of Lincoln, in the US.
Brian: 12 December 2020
The farmhouse nearby was once a refectory for pilgrims on their way to the shrine at Walsingham, and so the sign depicts that scene. Hockham is some five miles away and a much larger village than Caston although we too had a village policeman at one time. Now we never see a policeman, other than with a speed gun, but then that also means there's no crime here and let's hope it stays that way.
Caston School 1935-44
Tony Brooks: 29 September 2020
Trying to update my family history on my mothers side, FINCHAM. Was hoping someone may have a photo of children at school around 1935-44 period.
Thank you.
Family History
Julie Britton: 06 April 2020
My family (mother's side) was born in Caston. My grandparents surname was Saunders, Bill and Margery and first lived in a cottage near the bakery (where my mum, Iris and her brother John were born) they then moved to Coronation Terrace where my grandad then looked after the bowling green for many years. My Auntie Beatie and Uncle Fred (although I don't think they were blood related but looked after my grandad when he was a child apparently)?? lived in the bungalow located the closest to the windmill. I have very happy childhood memories of Caston as I used to stay with my grandparents a lot during the school holidays - the shop and post office, the pub which I was allowed to go in with grandad who always bought me a bottle of coca cola and a bag of crisps and playing with friends on the green in front of Coronation Terrace. Mr Pye used to be a very good friend of my grandparents and had lived in Caston all his life. Another relative was Peggy Skitmore who lived in the last bungalow on the left when heading to Attleborough .Happy days and treasured memories.
Peter Shannon: 22 June 2020
I lived Caston for approx 2 years with mum, younger brother David and step father Rex Bamforth. We arrived in 1951 at the aged of 8yrs 6 months living in the bakery cottage next door to your grandparents. I remember them very well along with your mum and her brother John. We went to the village school with John who was a little older the me. I can remember him leaving and going to Watton I think. I remember watching grandad play football at Rocklands? and also play many cricket matches, Bamforth also played. Your nan had a greengage tree in her front garden which I visited quite often. Nan was a shoulder to cry on for mum who was having a few problems at the time. I came back to Norfolk in 1971 and made a visit to your nan after the man at the garage told me where they were. A week later I took mum to see her and many a story was told. There was a young child there who nan told to go and get grandad off the bowling - company has arrived. We go to Caston to walk several times a year, walking to Stow Bedon and back up the church road (I use to sing in the choir). We park the car where you used to play as a little girl, Coronation Terrace. Hope there is something of interest in this for you. Best wishes. Peter Shannon

Seems to be an ancestor of mine.
Susan Rockett- Bentley: 19 February 2020
Very cool. Goes from Swete, changed to Sweet, down to Clarke, down to Rudd, down to Riggins, to Smiddy, to Starkey, Duncan, then to Rockett. Small world.
Please forward my condolences to John Barnes family
Jane Elizabeth Tooke: 31 December 2019
I wrote on your visitors page a few weeks ago that his late mother lodged with my maternal GRANDMOTHER in West Beckham. I am a great keeper of, or hoarder of, things and I have the letters he wrote when my mother died also copies of his books. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to pass on my condolences.
Ray Lake: 24 November 2019
Just become aware my family originate from Caston and nearby Rockland St Mary
Grave of the Lakes are in the churchyard at Caston.
My Great grandfather came from London and became a funeral director.
steve mcgarry: 03 February 2021
We are probably related Ray .. I'm decended from Charles Lake 1820 - 1848 son of Thomas Lake 1779-1847... Oddly my wife is decended from the Gooch family from the same village .. in fact Thomas lake's daughter Lydia Lake married Daniel Gooch so we share Thomas as he is 5 times Great grandfather to both of us !
Robert Saxby: 21 May 2021
Me Too
Daniel Gooch is my Great great great grandfather through his daughter Temperance 1840-1875
My mother's friend
Jane-Elizabeth Tooke: 03 November 2019
Rose Barnes lodged with my maternal grandparents in West Beckham, when she was teaching at Bodham School (near Sheringham). After she married and moved to Caston, Rose continued to correspond with the family, usually at Christmas. I recall taking my late mother to visit Rose in the 1980's. I am now driving through Caston once a fortnight to visit another friend of my late mother, Joan Smith (from Great Dunham). Joan is currently residing at Thorpe House in Griston.
Trudy Clark: 03 November 2019
My ancestors lived in Caston for over two centuries: Smith, Buckenham, Springall, Osborn, Hooke, Abby, Crook and Betts. Various branches kept the Red Lion and other pubs I believe.
James Petrie
Sue Jones: 04 September 2019
We have just acquired a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I which was ordered new by James Petrie of Caston. Does anyone know where he got his wealth from or what his business was? The 2nd owner was Joseph Sieff of M&S - was the car sold due to Petrie's death? ANy help would be great. thanks Sue -
Walker Family
Donald Walker: 12 April 2019
I am a descendant of William H Walker, born 1851, Caston, England. I am looking for any Walker family that might remain in the local area. I'd be most grateful for any information available. Thank you! Don Walker
Family History
Tony: 05 February 2019
After a long illness, I am having another search through those old images and letters handed down from my mother the Fincham family.. I have found some names from the 1940s that maybe some one might recognize..
Terry Cator. Alfred Nobbs / Knobbs. Rex Jolly. Irene Jolly. Dick Jolly. Iris Reeve....
Sorry if you have tried to make contact in the past, please do so again, much of my contacts got lost during my illness.
Regards Tony

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