This is the village of
Caston, Norfolk, England.

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Image - Clouds over Caston by Jaki Porter

It appears that the name Caston comes originally from the Old English of Cattstun but the earliest reference of the name, when it was shown as Catustuna, is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.  Now read on for something a little more up to date..........

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Around The World

We occasionally get visitors from all over the world - Australia, United States, Israel and elsewhere, who visit the site sometimes on purpose and sometimes by chance.  So, in case you don't quite know where Caston is located click here for a map with a pin-point location.  Use the + and - keys to zoom in and out.


John Barnes
We must thank Mr John Barnes for kindly giving permission for many of the photos reproduced on the Photo Gallery page and for much of the history which has been taken from his excellent and most informative books 'A History of Caston'. More information on how to obtain his books, which contain a full history of Caston, is on the Useful Links page.

Chrissie Pye
Chrissie Pye (Chapman) was born in Griston and moved to Caston at a young age, when her parents bought Chase Farm. She married Reggie Pye and after spending the first few years of married life with her parents at Chase Farm they moved to White House, Caston, where she lived until her death in 2006.

She loved the countryside and village life in Caston, where she was an active member of the W.I. Farming was always an important part of her life, firstly with her parents, then at Daisy Farm, Ovington, with her husband Reggie and son Christopher. Chrissies’ writing and her poems reflected the things that were closest to her heart – family, Norfolk countryside and village life; and she was able to vividly capture a fond memory through the words she wrote. 

From time to time we publish both Poems by Chrissie Pye with illustrations by Rachael Banham.  When used they are reproduced here with the kind permission of the Publisher, Lazy Daisy.

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