How Much for a Barrel?

Caston village does not have a mains gas supply but relies on heating oil instead.  Not everyone will use oil alone as wood burners are still very popular to supplement heating particularly in the main living room and newer properties are now being built with Air Source Heat Pumps but oil still takes a large part of the fuel budget.  There are a number of suppliers but they always seem to be quick to put their prices up when oil rises and slow to bring it down when the price falls - or is that just the way it seems?

Well, now you can check it right here with this Oil Dashboard.  Just run your mouse over the 1m, 1q, 1y, 5y icons and see a graph showing you how the price has varied over time.  Has your supplier matched the price changes?

Perhaps this will help you make the decision as to when to buy.  Get it right and you can save quite a bit of money.  By the way, oil is officially said to have been the cheapest method of heating, outstripping both gas and electricity over the past eight years - what do you think, true or false?


Upon taking a delivery of oil just recently I asked the tanker driver of a well known oil supplier just how closely, in his view, the price followed the barrel price - he told me "They get what they can - I've delivered oil to neighbouring properties" he said, "on the same day and with a difference of as much as 20p per litre just because one phoned round and negotiated and the other one never bothered!"

Looking for the Best Price?

Have you tried joining The Oil Club.  They will keep you informed regarding prices on a regular basis and you can order when needed.  I (webmaster) obtained a quote from them recently and then phoned Goff to see if they could better the price and was told they could not.  Since then I am a convert and it saves me the inconvenience of having to phone round.  Click here for the membership form for residents of Caston.

We'd be very interested to know how you get on - use the feedback page to let us know.

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